re:mix {m4l app}

  • Quick question... How do I use the macros exactly? Also is there a way to midi control octave, transpose, reverse etc. via midi on a per track basis?

    Edit - just finished the read me.txt and how the modifiers work. Getting familiar with those button presses may take a bit of practice but I definitely prefer using gestures with monome as opposed to using another controller. I'm still clueless as to what the macros do. Also having some difficulty getting the input working. Otherwise....

    This app runs very smooth for me. Win7 32bit, live 9, max 7, 128grid.

    Edit 2 - got the inputs set up correctly. Sweet! Only thing still are the macros. But I have plenty to get more comfortable with for now.

    @elquinto excellent work sir. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  • macro control- just like your group1-6 track's sends, re:mix is able to control the first 8 controls on each track's devices (intended for effect rack macros). to get this working- drop an effect rack on each group's track ('example macros' effect rack included), then click refresh on the group1.amxd for re:mix to gain focus. if u load a Live set with your tracks already set up with effect racks, refreshing isn't necessary.

    the 8 dials in the sampler window to the right of your sends are your macro settings. these, just like with sends, can be different values for each row.

    hope that helps. i'll add this info to the readme as well.

  • @Holl1f3ld
    this app was developed in max6, so some interface things will look a little weird if u use max7.

  • will this only work with serial osc and not the old type of monome serial?

  • another big update just uploaded to github. lots of bugfixes and optimizations.

  • quick question... how are presets recalled for later use?

  • in the setup tab, click SAVE to save your preset list. this creates two files. you can later LOAD your setup back in (select the file without the _flist)

  • yes, saw that like 2 seconds after I posted *duh* and neglected to edit my post. fail. Thanks again for the assistance and RESPECT for this great tool. This app is a revelation and seriously improves workflow. Like WOW.

  • if anyone's wondering, 'save + write all to folder' saves your preset/file list and writes every loaded file to the same folder. it also restructures the file paths in your file list to use the files at this location. this way u can make backups of your sets wherever u like, even usb sticks, and use your sets on other computers if u want.

  • !!!!!
    'save+write all to folder' is so bad ass !

    Such a good idea to include.

  • i just had to swoop by and say "GODDAMN THIS IS FRESH"
    just made a track in like 40 minutes because ableton X mlr is soooooo easy to mess with
    killing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thx! i appreciate the words.

    another nice update out today... added 'immediate changes' for reverse, vol/pan, sends and macros (toggles switches at the top, in the floating window) / these settings (as well as most other global settings in re:mix) are saved with your Live set.

  • I like these updates :)
    Did you take out auto forcus rows?

  • Yeah i took it out because it was causing popping sounds (too much info being processed at once). I did a ton of optimization to the code to hopefully fix it, but never could completely.

  • Quick question regarding Macros

    I'm using the included example rack, dropped it on my group audio track and refreshed, it's synced. When I go to the midi device and turn the 8 controls the macro label is appearing to tell me which FX it's controlling, but the FX rack is not being changed.

    This is really great work, thank you for the effort.

  • its a little obscure, but at the top of the floating window, the words 'sends' and 'macros' are on/off switches. (both midi/key-mappable) 128/256 have these as buttons on the top row.

    the whole idea with macros is u can set different settings for each row, and the fx rack settings will change to those settings when u trigger the samples.

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  • Hi, someone gotta ask, any chance for a 40h version or one version for two 40h´s?

    thanks, would love to give it a try, sounds so promising.

  • @herrreinholt
    it doesn't work with a 40h? (it should)

  • of course it does! thanks, beautiful application!