Remove audio files from mlr interface?

  • Having a bit of a time trying to figure this out (and searching is getting me nowhere)...

    I am having a blast with mlr but am stuck on trying to figure out how to remove a file that I have added to the list. Has this been answered before? If so, my apologies...just have had no luck trying to find it. Any ideas?

  • which version?

  • mlrv2.5 can do this, but i don't think any of the 'real' mlr versions can. you'd have to edit your preset files directly which can cause all kinds of issues if it's not the most recently added file you're trying to remove.

    more importantly, why do you need to remove it? unless it's a 1.5GB file choking your RAM then i'd just ignore it in the list...

  • i made a delete file utility for mlr while i was working on redux. should work with any version prior to 2.8

    it's at the bottom, here