• recorder time is not limiting. something along the lines of a maximum 1minute between events before the timer overdlows. you shouldn't ever need to worry about your pattern being too complex

  • and

    (and I am sorry to sound like a broken record)

    but I so wish for an option to clock sync earthsea...

  • sync-- this is coming, but in a form you're probably not expecting. we're very excited.

  • uh oh, going to have to make room in the rack! i had some synced mlr style sample slicing going on this weekend using a module from ginko synthese called the sampleslicer:

    using this with the white whale you really can get some mlr/mlrv style slicing going on!

  • sync! yes!
    hopefully "the form" will stay within my case! :-)

  • sync is very good news! I find it almost impossible to 100% clock sync patterns.
    if its not an expander, maybe a ribbon connection to whitewhale? a magic wand that turns output into input?

  • very excited also - any chance of a rough idea of a timetable? not impatient, but if it's soon I'll hold off on getting my switch and save on shipping

  • @sphiralstudios
    we're working on this quite rapidly, but it's not so close to shipping as to recommend waiting on the switch...

  • It seems that a new firmware for earthsea is coming, so I wanted to refresh the conversation we had earlier about two potential bugs/issues:

    - when transposing playback of patterns the tempo gets confused (when pushing the new "root" pad location, the sequence starts playing from the beginning, but does not lock into rhythm.)

    - when accelerating the speed of playback pattern, at some point it gets "locked" in a fast playback, and it is impossible to bring it back down.

    And finally, I have a question/consideration regarding the behavior of pattern playback. Specifically I am wondering about what happens, when the span of the playback reaches outside of the grid plane. For example a pattern is saved that plays comfortably within the grid boundaries, but when transposed closer to either grid edge, some of the notes theoretically fall outside of the grid plane.
    My question is about that behavior: what happens to those notes?
    Right now they seem to be stuck at the edge of the grid (I think). But there are a few options:
    - the "right notes" could still play, even though technically not on the grid. those values could be stored in a phantom grid space;
    - the notes that "exit" the grid on one edge, could be wrapped to the opposite side of the grid, and re-enter the visible grid space. So, if some of the notes exit the top edge of the grid, they would be re-entering the grid on the bottom. If memory serves me right this is how the Polygome behaved? I actually really liked playing "close to the edges" because it introduced the dramatic octave shifts (e.g. exiting the high pitch spaces, and re-entering in the low pitch space in the example described above).

    I don't know what people think about this, but I personally think it would be great to have a choice in determining which one of these (or other) scenarios takes place...

  • +1 for the wrap on edge of grid as per Polygomé if I had to choose one, but a choice of scenario would be cool.

  • some time ago an undo key pattern was suggested (which I would love to see, for when you quantize a pattern but it mis-quantizes it - or worse you accidentally hit the record pattern button) and tehn said this would be difficult to execute, but perhaps a key press to store-pattern-to-next-open-slot would be possible to allow destructive edits without losing your original pattern.

    my question is this - couldn't you have a seventeenth "pattern" that the active pattern is automatically copied to when ever you quantize or record a new pattern, and then an 'undo' function could swap that seventeenth pattern back if you wanted? so basically a clipboard pattern that would enable the undo. only problem I could see (with my albeit limited understanding) would be if you're already at max number of patterns with 16. if so you could always dedicate one of these 16 to that purpose (I mean, who has all 16 loaded with patterns anyway)

    some food for thought

    I also like the idea of wrapping notes (or some alternative to the current edge behavior) but if I recall polygome used a different note layout, not sure you'd get your octave jumps when wrapping with this key layout

  • Hey there to everyone, i'm in the process of building my 1st monome, i just bought a White Whale too and was going to buy an earthsea, i wonder if sync finally went through as i can't find more information on it...

  • sync will be possible using a secondary module which is forthcoming.

  • Nice to hear, thanks!!

  • YES!...
    honestly: I am super eager to try the new features/refinements of earthsea
    AND the
    sync module!

  • Need hp size!