which books are you reading?

  • post your favorite books here !!!

    here are mine:

    1:Curtis Roads: Musical Signal Processing (want to buy)
    2:Pauline Oliveros: Deep Listening
    3:..and of course Max/MSP tutorials ! ;-P

  • 1. Bible
    2. Various EM magazines
    3. Various random material

  • I'm reading Catch-22 right now

  • i'm in the middle of the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide.

    i think my all-time favorite, though, is Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.

  • catch-22 is a good book indeed! Currently besides 5 minute clinical consult and oxford handbook of clinical medicine, I'm reading a no brainer called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by stieg larsson (actually i'm reading the second book in the trilogy...don't think it's been translated to english yet). Good book!
    I can recommend the mezzanine by nicholson baker! absolutely fantastic! will fit right in here, where most of us pay a lot of attention to details (who would ever know that shoelaces were so interesting???)...

    soundcyst: I've been stuck in the middle of ultimate hitchhikers guide for some years now. but I've heard the radio play done by bbc while coding a HIV database a couple of years ago. Hilarious! douglas adams rocks

  • howard zinn....a peoples history of the US......
    to be fair though, ive been reading it for months.....
    sometimes im fast sometimes im slow....

  • collapse by jared diamond. absolutely fantastic.

    ps. did anyone else notice miller puckette wrote a book recently?

  • ok, my evergreen:
    Vadim Zeland-Reality Transurfing series.

  • >ps. did anyone else notice miller puckette wrote a book recently?
    Its the Theory and Technique of electronic music ?
    P.S: a must have !

  • I've been reading that Miller Puckette book recently. You can download a pdf version of it: http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/techniques.htm

    There are some really interesting techniques and some excellent ideas, based around PD, but easily applied to Max.

    Well worth reading.

  • Just finished Glasshouse and Distraction
    now reading The Book Thief

  • New TapeOp just arrived. My favorite day every other month.

  • barnone,

    july/august, or sept/oct?

  • hehehe

    in current spin:

    the essential neruda: selected poems
    darwin: voyaging
    ferlinghetti: pictures of the gone world
    eno: a year with swollen apendices
    bachelard: the poetics of space
    rexroth: one hundred more poems from the japanese
    erickson: our ecstatic days

    (i prefer the sampler plate approach :o)

  • watchmen-------------------EPIC!

  • i need to read watchmen before the movie comes out.

  • #66 for us here. great end rant by larry.

  • Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe: Erik J Wielenberg (very good)

  • i obsessively read this book called the 'internet'...

  • i've been working on the watchmen a bit lately too. last book i completed was "i wish there was something i could quit" by aaron cometbus. this puckette piece looks well worth a read, tho.

  • The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

    just picked it up.

    great thread... looks like i've now got even more good reading to do.

  • @ soundcyst
    #66 July/August.

  • I always have a copy of TapeOp in my bag and still trying to finish the Singularity Is Near by Kurzweil...What an optimistic dude. I read his stuff and feel like the future is going to be so awesome.

    Also reading lots of books to help me learn Electrical Engineering like Musical Applications of Microprocessors by Hal Camberlin.

    Just finished The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin, He lays out the problems with our financial systems and the way they were formed.

  • This is your brain on music - Daniel J. Levitin !!! NYT best seller

    audio post production - digital video

  • i just read that end-rant, and it definitely changed my reality for the next couple of weeks.

    i'm putting out an EP of my friend's band, and was going to send digital (email/mp3) press kits...

    now i'm looking for the cheapest short-run CD shop. heh.

    that musical applications of microcontrollers book sounds pretty cool.

  • Yeah, I've heard good things about the Levitin book (and read a little). He's got a new one called "The World In Six Songs", which from an NPR interview with him sounded not so cool. Anyone read it? His stuff is really hit or miss for me. I saw him speak this spring, and was really disappointed (he really didn't go into any detail at all). His attempts to do "neuroscience" are pretty fishy to me, but I think he's a very good writer and generally smart guy.

  • Just started The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein.

    I read No Logo which was pretty interesting although i must admit i'm a bit of a cynic. A bit like watching a Michael Moore film.

  • mudlogger: When I read no logo one thing that came to mind was that, the lack of pages used to come up with solutions how to solve the problems she shed light on. BTW Have you read fastfood nation by eric schlosser?

  • Robert Ludlum- The Bourne Supremacy

  • >catch-22 is a good book indeed!

    agreed, but i preferred 'something happened'.

    a definite recommendation, dovetail, if you like C-22.

  • i'll definitely have to check it out. thanks for the recommendation.

    One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garc

  • for all minimalists:

    Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter

    and from the same author:

    Metamagical Themas: Questing For The Essence Of Mind And Pattern

  • Those two books by Hofstadter, and The Mind's I, are probably the three books I've reread the most. GEB takes me about a year these days, to go from start to finish. But I know how it ends, so there's little urgency.


    London Fields by Martin Amis
    Ada by Nabokov
    Breakfast of Champions
    Elements of style
    Hollywood Babylon

  • >One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garc

  • I almost buy a book every week, sometimes more. Currently i have approx 10 books on the to do list (some of them 10 years old)
    Just bought the 2 paperback versions of the Stig Larrson triology HLP also is reading. I do hope you guys got good taste since im planning on buying the books mentioned in this thread..

    Can anyone recommend a decent e-book reader?

  • >I do hope you guys got good taste since im planning on buying the books mentioned in this thread..

    i had it checked recently, and i'm happy to report mine's exceptionally good.


  • Mao: The Unknown Story - Jung Chang. A brick of a book and a bit heavy at times but well worth a read if anyones into recent Chinese history. Very anti-Mao but a real eye opener. ps i work in China - its interesting reading this with 5 Chinese guys trying to read this over your shoulder!

    Rape of Nanking - Iris Chang. If you ever want to know why the Chinese are so fiercly anti-Japanese - read this book.

    @hlp - sorry for the delay - i'm travelling overseas - thanks for the tip - i'll checkout fastfood nation.
    I agree No Logo was more of a "heads up" kind of book. It gives a good insight into how global corporations and branding works. I'm certainly enjoying The Shock Doctrine - similar theme on anti-globalisation - well worth a read.

  • andrew whitley "bread matters - the state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own". this man has forgot more than most people could ever know about flour n junk.

    ira greenberg - "processing - creative coding and computational art". been doing that one for over a year. still not halfway through. seems i'm not as clever as i thought :)

    just re-read "a scanner darkly". need to go and get some more philip k dick.

  • @mudlogger: cool, I'll have a look at the shock doctrine :-).

    I just ordered the slash, the autobiography, and The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas (dirt cheap at play dot com. well compared to danish book prices). It's not the most mind evolving books I read at the moment, but more as entertainment. I'm finishing med school this winter, so I'm buried deep in boring medical texts. So no Theory and Technique of Electronic
    Music for me for a while :-)

  • I'm currently trying desperately to read and understand G

  • A Computer Music Tutorial - Curtis Roads
    Understanding Digital Signal Processing - Richard G. Lyons
    The Inheritance of Loss - Kiran Desai

    I also started Concrete Mathematics - A Foundation for Computer Science but realised it's way beyond me at the moment.

    I generally take the technical books at a steady chapter at a time pace so I don't burn out on them and keep myself going with beautiful fiction.

  • Nixonland by Rick Perlstein. If you're into modern American politics, you'll love this book.

  • read Cradle to Cradle. i know tehn has.

  • >read Cradle to Cradle

    along those lines, there's McDonough & Braungart's Hannover Principles, and Paul Hawken's The Ecology of Commerce, Growing a Business and Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution.

  • to that list i'd add one straw revolution by fukuoka

  • only book i've ever read more than once...... The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. An absolute epic.

  • >one straw revolution

    wow, that looks great, tehn- have to read that one.

    a more poetic, but perhaps related volume, is one of my all-time favorites, The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura, especially the Japanese hardbound, boxed edition (a simple, beautiful thing), wherein lies one of my favorite anecdotes:

    "Rikiu was watching his son Shoan as he swept and watered the garden path. 'Not clean enough,' said Rikiu, when Shoan had finished his task, and bade him try again. After a weary hour the son turned to Rikiu: 'Father, there is nothing more to be done. The steps have been washed for the third time, the stone lanterns and the trees are well sprinkled with water, moss and lichens are shining with a fresh verdure; not a twig, not a leaf have I left on the ground.' 'Young fool,' chided the tea-master, 'that is not the way a garden path should be swept.' Saying this, Rikiu stepped into the garden, shook a tree and scattered over the garden gold and crimson leaves, scraps of the brocade of autumn!

    What Rikiu demanded was not cleanliness alone, but the beautiful and the natural also.

  • Funny, while looking at the bookstore for some of the books in this thread i found the english version of The Stieg Larsson books HLP and i are reading. Its worth mentioning because of the titlechange ....In scandinavia its named "Men that hates women" but it has been renamed to "The girl with the Dragon tatoo".

  • i just finished bill bryson's "a walk in the woods: rediscovering america on the appalachian trail". a bit lightweight, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless... since my brother and i are planning a much shorter junket on the john muir trail next year, it seemed particularly apropos.

  • analog days by trevor pinch (really sweet book on early synth engineers, synthesists and synthesizers)

    talking music by william duckworth (interviews with modern composers like john cage, terry riley, steve reich, pauline oliveros, etc)

    after i'm done with talking music i have a copy of the rest is noise by alex baldwin awaiting me. it looks radical.

  • speaking of 20th Century composers, some books i like:

    john cage: silence; empty words
    harry partch: genesis of a music
    iannis xenakis: music and architecture
    chris villars: morton feldman says: selected interviews and lectures
    robin maconie: other planets: the music of karlheinz stockhausen
    meyer/zimmerman: edgard var