monome users @ soundcloud

  • hello again,

    are there any of you on yet?
    this is a place to share, distribute and discuss your music.

    still got 3 invites to give out to the community.


  • ooh i fancied this when i heard about it, but never could get an invite.

    could you send us one if you have any left?

    wtastard (at) gmail (dot) com

  • yeah i also am down for one if you'd like to share with me.

    mynameisntjeremy (aatt) yahoo (dott) co (dott) uk


  • i have a few invites as well if you run out stigi ;) whisper me if you want one.

  • @wjt13,mrmrmr
    invites are sent. next ones need to come from phortran :)

    will try to organise some more for the community

  • yea, more english speakers there will be awesome!

  • what's the service like?

    restrictions of file sizes?

    restrictions on file types?


  • i have 2 more, get em while they're hot ;) i think each person invited gets 3 invites too, so we could probably get the whole community signed up.

    as far as the service goes, there's a faq on the front page. i honestly haven't used it much. it kind of bills itself as a rapidshare/usendit kind of thing, but it feels more like a myspace/facebook kind of thing to me.

    faq says it accepts mp3, ogg, wav, and aiff. number of tracks is unlimited. don't see an obvious answer for file size limit. you can set tracks to public/private and share with individuals--they seem to be pretty good about this.

  • check out

  • Thanks to phortran, now I have three invites. If anybody wants an invite, let me know.

  • invite please!


  • @dovetail

    just sent you my last invite, enjoy!

  • invite please?

  • could I have an invite?

    johndance at gmail dot com


  • Looks like it could be potentially useful. (Email on my user info page.) Thanks!

  • I have 1 invite left.

  • @linusislost

    I'd love an invite thanks

    nfroud gmail com

  • Ok, I am out of invites. Hopefully the people I've sent the invite to can spread their invites as well.

  • I need one invite for my band mate but have two more for whoever want them here...

  • I'd love an invite, please.


  • If anyone has a spare invite, I would love one please

  • chalkkline i just invited you 2 left

  • i'd love one as well-

    ctrombley (att) gmail

  • I'm interested in an invite.

  • w00t. thanks.

  • can everyone who is registered post their user name so I can follow all the monome people?

  • Still waiting on that invite myself..

  • i have three invites

    mail me @ timothy(dot)preut(at) for an invite!

  • Cheers mrmrmr. Much appreciated!

  • And thanks chalkline.

    My username on Soundcloud is simply 'bean' as well.

    And I've got 2 invites to pass on as well.

  • t1mp think someone else got to you before I did!

    I have 2 invites left

    I am again down as chalkline

  • I got one invite left =)

    username is t1mp

  • that shit looks ill. i want in. =)

  • thanks bean!

  • can i be a cool guy too?

    rawray7 AT gmail

  • as usual: corporation

  • thanks!

    username = altitudesickness

  • I have 2 invites.

    username is Sursiks. Nothing's up yet, but I'm hoping to change that soon...

  • Can you send me an invite please? It would be much appreciated!

  • has anyone an invitation left?
    occular [at] web [dot] de

  • i would love an invite and would give the ones i receive with the account out as well. e-mail at david.gets.paid [atttt] gmail [doooot] com

  • any more going a beggin'?
    I'll share the love

  • just mailed the soundcloud team and got supplied 10 more invites
    the show goes on...

    so who doesn't have yet?
    whisper me, i'll post if i run out of invites again :)

  • btw:
    y'all can find me as, guess what: stigi

  • @chalkline- thanks, I'm there !
    @stigi- thanks too

  • Hi, I was away from my computer since my last post because I have no net at home at the moment... I still have invites up for grabs. Any more needed?

  • username - crunchy_alligator btw

  • email me if you would like an invite :D

    david.gets.paid [atttt] gmail [doooot] com

  • Hey I have anm invite spare:!

    email me at johndance at gmal dot com

  • Thanks to stgi I now have some invites to give away.

    Whisper me your email address if you'd like one.

    I'm 'eman' on soundcloud.

  • I like the idea of this site, but I'm starting to get really fucking annoyed with their waveform widget thingy. It plays all of my aiff's at half speed, and won't load a few. Now I've uploaded totally standard mp3s and it has no idea what's going on. They've got a lot of work to do before this is going to be fluid. I emailed them and they haven't responded. Anyone having similar troubles?