reverse engineering / new daedelus video

  • They've just posted a new daedelus video on createdigitalmusic, and we finally get to see the modyfied mlr (at 00:24) he uses. So in the spirit of the...well not so recent Autechre incident, here's another a great opportunity for all the max/msp gurus to make us all sound EXACTLY like our sample-guru :-P

    It's a great video!!


  • great video! here's the link to save everyone some time.

  • Maybe my favourite description of a monome:

    "This funny device is called a monome, or a mono-me, or a bit box, or that thing with buttons, or a lite-brite, or um.. cheting, some people have called it cheating before.."

    He also makes an argument for keeping mlr limited to 4 groups.

  • So is he primarily using the monome for his songs? If so, thats pretty freaking cool

  • i support the 4 groups preference... it's just right. keeps things moving. i was wondering for a while if he was using any of the 6 group mods. guess not!

  • such a great Daedelus truly get to see who he is and what he's like in person.

    and I also frequent that electronic shop he is performing at in S.F. too bad I didn't wander in that day.

  • When we met up with him after a gig in manchester, he offered to send us the modified mlr. Maybe we could still make that happen. I know he reads this forum from time to time...

  • yeah he was really cool when we met him in manchester, im sure if we asked nicely he'd maybe send us it?

    great video

  • just to prevent any suggestion of illusion, here's daedelus' version. it's not modified actually, it just has an extra module tacked on for the tilty filter-bpm business. i threw it together in an afternoon earlier this year in los angeles, steve duda and will light were there, i had too much coffee that day.

    enjoy! waiting for my internet connection to self-heal so i can check out the video.

  • Alfred also tantalized me with the modified version of MLR and said he could get it to me some way through the forums, but I haven't been able to give him a shout thanks tehn for sharing!

  • Has anyone with a 256 and a 64 tried this? I had a quick go today and didn't get very far. Not knowing MAX doesn't help, of course, although I got the impression that the prefix on the 64 should be /mlr-aux. Plain old /mlr for the 256? And I was wondering if one of the two needs a different set of ports?

    I got as far as being able to calibrate the tilt sensors and get some response from the buttons on the 64 (it seemed like some kind of CC slider thing) but mlr didn't respond to anything I could come up with. The 256 had an intermittent light at 0,0 but wouldn't play any samples.

    I doubt you wrote a help file, Tehn, but could you point me in the right direction?

  • yeah i tried it the other day...couldnt seem to get it to work either..thanks for reminding me. i wanted to ask the same question!!

    wondering how to get the tilt function to play the filters...

    btw..using a 64 with a 256 is awesome! lol

  • i'm still trying to figure out that 'rowfix' problem.. i see daedelus was suffering too at times.
    also the tiny, 1 pixel line behind the volume sliders is such a beautifully simple addition - genius!

  • i got 2.51 to work on my two 40h kits (one with accelerometer). i was thoroughly confused, but everything seemed to work just fine. i didn't like the accelerometer control of tempo, mostly just because it confused me - but the filter sweep was really fun to do. prefixes were /mlr and /mlr-aux.

    oh - make sure that you go to "tilt setup" to calibrate the accelerometer.

  • Hello,

    This is what I do before every show to get all working...

    - Plug all in different ports, no hubs
    - Turn on Monome Serial, it auto sets addressments /mlr and /mlr-aux
    - Launch MLR
    - Set volumes in the master and group volumes
    - Hit little button for Tilt Set-up and calibrate the 64
    - Then press the tempo button flutter function button on the top right corner of the 64, which is supposed to bounce the tempo, but when pressing it for the first time changes the tempo to 40 but afterwards works properly, adjust tempo accordingly
    - Load samples
    - Start MLR
    - Open settings for the audio card buffer in MAX and reclick the settings, strangely this helps reduce itermitant clicks and pops that sometimes find there way into the audio...
    - Also sometimes my device seems to make more clicking and under-run sounds? this is fixed by changing the clock settings to 48k for moment and then back to 44.1k this seems to fix that issue

    That is the ritual, and when it sometimes / rarely crashes I know I've done all I can.

  • I've run into the same issues with audio clicks that Daedelus mentioned, for me changing the vector sizes in the DSP options fixes the problem (even when I change them back). I don't know what it is, but somehow forcing max to "think" about them makes it work. If I don't do this, I usually end up with audio that sounds undersampled exactly 20 minutes into my set.

    Thanks for the setup run-through, Daedelus.

  • Yeah... the pattern recorder scroller blinks when it makes pop sounds for me, but random buttons also lightup for a millisecond that i didnt press and that arent even in same rows. I dont know if its because of the fade but it doesnt happen in mlr3 pre. Changing Vector sizes and clock settings have no effect for me. I suppose mine are from buttons not being exactly at beginning of waveform?

  • Hey Daedelus mind telling us what your computer system is and if you use an external sound card?

  • I got to see Alfred and Eliot Lipp in Charlotte just recently. Talked to them both for a long time; they're awesome guys in person, very friendly. Alfred showed me his setup while we were talking about SevenUp, which is what I'm using heavily now (thanks mtn!). They both had Macs. Eliot had a MOTU (I think the Traveler) and Alfred just used a simple 2-in, 2-out. I don't remember which brand it was, looked kind of like an Echo. He actually blew the power halfway through his set! According to a recent XLR8R article, I think Alfred uses Pro Tools (I'll have to re-check that). I thought that his mlr setup was custom, but from this forum, I guess it's not. I only have a 64, but I'm wondering if I can use monomulator to get my padKontrol to fill in. Any suggestions on that? Also, is there a way to use Max patches in pd?

  • i dont want to be a pest...but i've been using this app for a while now...and i was hoping to see if we could add some more effects to it...the two filters are great, but i think theres an entire row that can be added on the 64 for effects...anyone care to help me on this one? :D