monome users in arizona?

  • specifically phoenix? ... am i the only one? :'(

  • Well, you won't be the only one for a week or so next month, since I'm bringing my 128 to Arcosanti:

  • wow, that looks incredible. i'm definitely going to try to make it out for that. i'll whisper you if i can make it out and maybe we can hook up for some monome geekery.

  • Yep, Arcosanti is definitely worth a visit in its own right - but if you're going to do that, might as well do it when there's a space music festival on...

    I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing with the monome yet - I'm feverishly programming away at the moment.

  • my mom has a place a little north of arcosanti, i'm usually there in march for a week or so. not phoenix, but somewhat close. differentskies sounds interesting. please post your experience afterwards cassiel! maybe i'll have to visit in september next year...

  • I'm up in Flagstaff with my 40h. My buddy who lives here who showed me Monomes on the web has a 128. I think I'll go to the Arcosanti thing. It looks fun.

  • nice, good to know there's other monomes in my proximity. maybe we should all get in a room someday and make a bunch of noise.

  • Hey that would be cool. I could probably pick up some tips from you. I pretty much just play around in MLR right now. It's funny, I haven't even played my Monome around anyone else yet (granted I haven't had it very long). My buddy with the 128 and I haven't even gotten together with out Monomes yet. I just picked up Ableton Live yesterday so I need to learn how to get my Monome going through that now.

    Do you ever cruise up to Flagstaff phortran?

  • right on, yeah i'd love to see a real life 128 as well.. been drooling over those (and the 256 of course) for awhile now. ;)

    i try to head up north a few times a year, we hit flagstaff last time and that was pretty fun, also sedona is great. i'll send you a message here if i'm planning another trip, also let me know if you're heading down to phoenix.

  • Bump!

    I am now ALSO wondering about monomers in the Phoenix and/or Arizona area. Phortran, after about 2 years, have you come across any sort of, for lack of a better term, scene around these parts?

    Also, what part of town do you happen to be in?

  • wow, bump indeed!

    there is a bit of an electronic music scene hiding out in phoenix:

    i did a few shows with these guys in the past, great guys and they're still around but the shows aren't as regular as they used to be. honestly i haven't really been involved in anything local in awhile, i mostly just hole up in my cave and write. :)

    i'm in south phoenix myself (right by south mountain), how about you?

  • I'm near the Tempe/Phoenix border. Very close to the airport. Very close to The Marquee.

    I'm the same way with holing up and writing. Albeit, I'm fairly new to the monome community. About 2 months in and still developing my own little way of doing things.

    I've listened to your soundcloud and I dig everything there pretty hard. You 're achieving some cool sounds. It'd be rad to get together and share some best practices and what-have-you.

  • hey thanks man, i'm down to get together sometime. i checked out your first monome video and a few other things you had on vimeo last night, really good stuff. the monome video especially was really impressive, awesome timing and really cool juxtapositions of the loops. you play it like a pro already.

    it sounds like we live really close to each other, i'm pretty close to the airport as well. hit me up on e-mail and we'll figure something out. dinchak at gmail.