iphone Beatmaker

  • I am not to good at programing and would not know the first step in under taking a project like this but was wondering if anyone has tried to make a monome app for the iphone Beatmaker app? It would be pretty sweet if somehow you could control Beatmaker with a monome so all you would have to take to a gig is a monome and a iphone.


  • and the monome USB would go where?

    (I guess its possible in theory, but if you're too lazy to carry a laptop I am pretty sure you're certainly too lazy to hack an iphone and write a new serial driver for it... and even if someone else did that, you can't really hack the beatmaker app to 'talk to' the monome, plus I don't think you'd even want to at that point).

    I've used my iphone at a gig connecting to monome apps via 802.11, but I realized it's a terrible controller and there's no point as I don't really plan to run across the room. Fun at soundcheck though.

  • so i guess not

  • Soon the iphone will be a monome...

  • It already is....


  • especially.....


  • I think that OSCemote which is also available on AppStore is better. In beta which i have, I'm able to do custom layouts ;)

  • http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=286991994

    It does look interesting

  • I started a new thread to consolidate conversation on the various iPhone apps that resemble/could be used with a monome:


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