Brandnew Monomes sales on ebay, you think its ok?

  • I just saw a brandnew 256 on ebay wich the seller will sell for $ 2099,-
    Maybe i´m just grudging, but it makes me angry like hell, that people who don´t wanna make any music or djing or anything, just want to make big bucks are getting a 256 from Monome. And on the other side there are thousands of musicians who want to get one for being creative, making music, having fun can´t get one!
    He writes in his auction that he just arrived from Monome, took a couple of pictures put it on ebay.

    I don´t think it´s okay and i have a problem with that!

    Do you think it´s ok, givin this jester the extra $ 700 to get a twofiftysix?

  • Hell yea. I think it is ok to sell something for whatever you want if some yahoo will buy it. Its called capatalism.

  • capitalism huh.

    You´re right. That is the bad bad bad side of capitalism.
    ...what was the good one again..?

  • How is that bad? Both sides benefit.

    *this will be interesting*

  • ha!
    NOT even going there again........


    read this thread, we have already been down this road, originally he wanted $3500 for it plus he wanted to buy two more from Tehn.

    As you can read the topic is closed. End of story.

  • oh, i did not know that. I searched the board for "ebay" but got no accordant result.

    i´d like to know how Brian & kelli see this and if they think about like a "blacklist" on their orders.

  • the guy who was selling a 256 for $3500 tried to buy 2 more!!! obviously they didnt get to order them :)

  • I was just thinking last night that 2,100 inc shipping was a pretty good deal.

    It's funny. There was a used 40h that sold for just over a $1000 including shipping last weekend, that was also listed on these boards and no one seemed to think that was a bad thing.

    By that calculation, a 256 should be easily 2,800 when it's not in stock.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather the monome guys could meet demand - I'd have given them 1,400 without a second thought, as it is I'm facing $300 and a couple of weeks of hacking and soldering (and then I'll only have a 64 arduinome).

  • But that's much more fun and also a great learning experience ;-)

  • That is true. I'd probably have built my own even if I brought a 256 new. If for no other reason than it would have stopped me cracking open the 256 and tinkering.

  • Maybe that will be the next community project, based on the Arduinome.. but it would get VERY big when the Sparkfun keypads are used.. I would call it MegArduinome :-)

  • You could then use a large pizza box for the case.

  • That is true. I'd probably have built my own even if I brought a 256 new. If for no other reason than it would have stopped me cracking open the 256 and tinkering.

    that's why i'm building mine. :)

    also, funny to see there is another 256 on ebay with bids that exceed "the capitalist's" current price of $2099 by about $100.

  • Pay as you play!

  • I don't really like the style of the advert or the attitude behind it but what can you do?

  • what you can do is take note of the ebay identities of the people selling these monomes and make sure everybody you know and can reach never buy anything from them. i'm pretty sure the first guy hawking a 256 had a comic book shop in pa; boycott it, have everyone you know in pa boycott it. can you add feedback w/out actually buying something? i'm not that ebay savvy. that might be another avenue.

    ultimately we all hope nobody is going to pay that much for a monome, but that's unrealistic. the only other alternative is to let people know what types of business practices these resellers engage in, and hopefully their future potential buyers will think twice before purchasing.

  • make your own!!!!!

  • making this:

    was tough enough, I haven't quire recovered yet! and that was 3 years ago!


  • that's awesome macrostructure!

  • klaus >>> Capitalism is great. You don't know how bad is socialism. I'm from Czech Republic and we have there comunism for many decades.

    If you don't like the seller just don't buy it. I'm pretty shure that nobody buy it.

  • actually, it apparently sold for $2098.