Monome Apps and Vista.

  • I have a 40h which I am using to control ableton Live 6 on windows XP using serialXP and Chuck (miniAudicle). Thing are working great.

    But within the next two months I plan on getting a laptop for live performances. Basically It'll have Live, the software for routing things via the new sound card (probably an EMU 1616m) and the software for the monome. I'd like to be able to take sets I've already set up and open them on the new computer and have things go.

    My question is should I get XP or Vista as the operating system? Microsoft has extended XP until at least June. The Vista Drivers for the EMU 1616m should be out of Beta soon. I don't know if Live 6 works in Vista but 7 should. (I plan on getting 7 pretty soon after it is released) So what about miniAudicle? any issue with other monome stuff and Vista.

    any other suggestions.

    Thanks all.

  • I would suggest to stick to XP. Vista itselfs draws more CPU power than XP even when it's configured well. Updated and well working drivers are still a big issue in Vista. And as you have said yourself "things are working great".

    BTW you can buy a laptop with Vista on which your are legally may install XP (downgrade install) . In this case you can always change to Vista in the (near) future


  • serialxp, and the new monome serial (which i would love you to try, wink wink!) should both run fine on vista.

    that said, i had vista preloaded on my machine, and within 3 months went out and bought XP again. Vista has some great ideas, but for a programmer and musician like myself i find the added resource strains unbearable. that said, it does get a little bit better with each passing update (well, it did, i removed it for a few months now).

  • Stick with XP. I recently bought a Tablet with Vista and it seriously took me three weeks to find where they moved the settings for the mouse overlay graphic. Six menus deep. Vista won't be show ready till they release a service pack...maybe not even till service pack two like XP's case. Good luck.

  • Trying monome serial is on my list. it's just that I had a stable working set-up and I've always stuck with stable rather than expermenting. of course that was until I lost a hard drive. (no data lost just op sys and programs)

    When I get my new laptop (probably with XP cause of the performance hit) I'm planning on starting out with monome serial.

    I'd been leaning toward XP casue I know it. and it will be less of a hog.

  • i didnt want to be all negative and stuff, but, to be honest, im getting to the point where im ready to move onto linux next, if MS go in the direction Vista is. i hear too many wierd consipracy theories, maybe, but it seems they are taking the huge-mega-corporation ball and running fast with it.

    its sad, because there are alot of things i love about windows. i love visual studio. i love programming in .net (although ill probably be doing that at work for a long time). but, i just dont need any of the performance-sapping features they are coming out with, and im beginning to trust them less (to an extent, i believe their developers and developer tools are amongst the best in the world, i imagine its more a case of management and politics, like everything else in this world that sucks).

  • Unfortunately I think it will only get worse. You've probably also heard the rumors that their next OS will be web subscription based. I'm sure the Xbox Live subscriptions are fueling this development along with MS feeling they need to be Google's sole competitor. Competition is good but not when talking about a convicted monopoly. They have two directions they are heading in currently, hardware revenue (Zune and Xbox) and web AD and search revenue. They have completely dropped the ball on their core bread winner, Software.

    I have attempted the jump to Linux a few years back...I love the community and open minded, outside the box approach to free software. But it was nowhere near the polished cohesive level I needed for my music creativity needs.

    I think I'll move to OSX platform once they release their tablets. (fingers crossed) I can then feel a bit like I'm running linux by opening the console and typing "top" or any other fun script kiddie stuff.

  • I've been temped by the apple thing too. I've heard good things about running ableton Live on a new macbook. (not even pro) I'd just need to choose a different soundcard.

  • I'd suggest going for a macbook. But then again they do say, if it's not broke, stick with xp.

    I find vista a massive drain on cpu as it is (more so than xp) so much so I'm looking into installing XP or OS X over vista...

    The only reason I keep coming back to windows is because I use fruityloops to make my music, if a mac version comes out i'm gone.

  • I'll share an hypothetical anecdote about Windows and audio. Suppose I have a 'friend' who works at a company that makes hardware for Mac and Windows. For the sake of this discussion, let's say they make audio hardware. A majority of the in-house development and day to day operations is Mac-based, so, inside the office, the vast majority of computers are Macs.

    The problem is, they have to keep hiring Windows programmers. They bring in qualified, dedicated Windows driver experts, and get them working, but at some point, there is a need for them to work on a Mac system for some aspect of the project. After 1-2 years in this environment, they refuse to work on Windows anymore because they hate it intensely. This happens over and over.


  • lol - this is currently happening to me. I have been an MS guy since, er, well, let's just say a LONG time. I now have a PowerBook G4 Mac from work and I can't believe how stable it is. For instance I can leave my monome hooked up with a Max app running on the Mac, forget to turn it off, and the next day everything is still going strong. Meanwhile my XP machine has had a rough night of it and usually needs a hard-boot. I burn many hours configuring my XP machine, updating drivers, finding missing .dlls, etc. Meanwhile I don't even know HOW to configure my Mac at that level - because I never need to. I wonder what that means. I still get frustrated sometimes with the Mac but I'm almost ready to drink the kool-aid.

  • Well, if you encounter odd behaviour and find yourself wondering what your Mac is thinking, you can always open /Applications/Utilities/Console and inspect the system and console log. This usually provides some valuable insight into the issue.

    Of course, you can also do this in the terminal, if you prefer.

    Sorry. This is turning into a Mac thread. Apologies.

  • I am personally stuck with a Vista Laptop...

    Vista works great... you just gotta give it it's learning curve ;)

    I am however having a problem with MAXMSP... it won't run at all on vista, just comes up with an application error.... anyone have any insight that is running on Vista?

  • @Stretta-
    Yeah this happened to me. I was a windows user since I first started using a computer. My buisness partner was a mac OS X user. Within a year i couldn't deal with windows anymore. Too annoying and cumbersome. Its a shame i have no options...

  • @Jared,

    I got it working here on vista, try setting the exe's to XP Compatibility Mode (SP2).

  • I have max/msp 5.0.8 running on Vista64. I have to use serialPyIO because there seems to be communication issues with monomeSerial.

    Does anyone know why activating dac would stop the communication between serial PYIO and MAX?

  • i dont know why youd have issues with monomeserial, arduinome serial works great on my vista 64 and lately everythings been working good with it in i know of others that use vista with monomeserial...perhaps you just have some problem that can be quickly solved by someone that knows more about this type of software

  • I hope you're right superorganism...

    I can only get feedback from apps that don't use dac like flin or polygome. The microsoft sound mapper works fine.

    Does anyone know where I can find resources to help me determine what's going on between max / monomeSerial / vista64?

    I've been without monome joy for more than half of my first week on this.

    I had to make a song using MS wavetable because i needed a fix:

  • Does this potentially have to do with turning off some midi setting in max or something I wonder?

  • re- installing everything seemed to work for a while. Specifically when I made sure to install the xgroove objects. And before trying to do anything in max, disabled the microsoft synth outs.

    after connecting with pyIO, i was a little dissapointed when nothing lit up.

    alright then I check with the control row (all before going near dac). I knew it was working when I saw the delay enable and move. For a few minutes I was even able to launch some clips.

    The whole time the leds are off. so I go to the monome shape tab and click the 128 horizontal shape. ( I found I can get the top right corner to flash if I double click the monome shape )

    I think I heard something about firewalls on windows. I just did a few more tests and I'm fairly certain that the reason why I can't connect properly with monomeSerial 0215, Is the same reason why max crashes the COM port.

    Is there a console for monomeSerial? Can some programmers help me out? I'm just a scripta' mon!