PadKontrol -> MLR - PKLR

  • Howdy all,

    Just made a little maxpatch that tricks MLR into thinking my padKontrol is a 40h...

  • damn, that's pretty sweet.

    it looks like you only get three rows though? what did you assign the other buttons to?

  • I get three rows at a time, the small sparkfun buttons always trigger the same row, row 1. then theres a toggle to switch the 16 pads to another set of two rows, and another set of two rows..and another.... Theres 2 record buttons, and preset up down buttons. The other buttons, knobs and XY send Midi out for use in another app, right now i have them set to effects params in Live which MLR is rewired to. Fun stuff!!!

  • good job man, very nice!

    didnt realize that you could set the leds on the padKontrol independantly. sweet.

  • very nice!

    padkontrol is suddenly bumped up notch on my wishlist ;)

  • wait so that is a hardware hack too? or just cut up the faceplate and threw in sparkfun pads instead of the stock ones?

    nice work for sure!

  • Its cool and all
    but I have one and Im not to impressed with it.
    Dont waste your money on a pk!

  • @Kevin-

    I Dremeled out holes big enough to pop the sparkfun pads in. Much more useful than the stock ones. Definately not the same thing as a monome but really fun, the fact that you have pads that you can bang on is really helpful. Havent messed with the velocity sense in MLR yet, but its on the todo list...

  • i would be really interested to see how you might integrate velocity sensitivity into mlr. since it's never been a possibility for the monome devices, i haven't thought about it too much. coming up with a scheme is complex since the sound loops.

  • simplest idea for velocity, IMO, would be to sample the velocity value and use that for the channels pre-fader audio. im sure something more interesting can be thought up.

    and, duh, didnt realize the pads were hacked. sorry.

  • kid_sputnik: and, duh, didnt realize the pads were hacked.

    heh.. me too

    I like the stock PadKontrol well enough.. but I'll wait for a second run of 256's me thinks.

  • this is pretty interesting. i'm curious if it would be possible to rip apart four of these and cobble together a velocity-sensitive 40h. might be kinda fun with the giant pads, too.

  • @kid_sputnik
    Yeah, thats what i was thinking would be the simplest way to implement it. but your def right- with MLR and looping dont know how usefull it would be. maybe when you hit a pad, instead of triggering from there, it would just set the velocity for that slice? could be cool for short 1 bar loops. maybe have a toggle to switch btw trigger and set velocity. MLR definately isnt made with vel sens in mind, would be kind of pointless... any ideas would be welcome.


  • wow!
    care to share your fancy patch?

  • @jmelnyk-
    Dont see why not. Im actually thinking of getting another one for this purpose. Make an 8x4. Basically I just have to tell MLR ( or any other Monome prog ) to reply to whatever pad/button I want on the PKs, in this case it would just be out a different Midi connection, definately seems doable.

    yeah, its lots of fun with the big pads, you can smack em around, and bang on em. Finally got to play MLR on a real 40h the other day and while it was so nice having everything in front of me i kept missing buttons...Think im gonna splurge on the 128 though, MLR is such n inspiring app, reminds me of using Live circa version1.5 or 2. Amazing concept, and the limitations get you thinking in new ways...

  • Thats amazing for sure!

    Do you have any plans on releasing this patch?

    I just love it :)