mlr multi outs and rewire

  • hey all,

    has anyone, by chance, made a hack of mlr to allow each of the four groups to have their own individual outs?

    i'm trying rewire mlr to bidule. i've successfully rewired max running mlr into Bidule....i only get the stereo outs though...i'd love to be able to have each of the four groups have their own outs coming through into bidule for further live processing....

    this probably isn't too difficult a hack but i'm a bit lost as to how to go about it...forgive me, i've done most of my patching in bidule, not max....max's patches and subpatches have me going in circles....

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks much!


  • i should have this hacked by wednesday (fingers crossed) for a live performance.

    the only thing is that i'm just hacking into the signals to send them eleswhere in max, not to other applications, so i'm not sure if i can help you on that front.

  • i did this yesterday, actually (for something i was trying, but then decided to scrap). it's not too bad.

    main thing is you want to send audio to rewire and then have bidule pick it up from there. so basically, just route the audio to the dac individually then in your dsp assignment make sure the dac outs go to rewire correctly. and of course, make bidule looks for them correctly.

    drop me a line at jmelnyk AT batterycollection DOT net if you want more help (or i can dig up that version).

  • i was just thinking about this last night... and wondering what the process would be to patch each channel into ableton for quick access to live effects processing... maybe paired with that usb keypad foot-pedal project. i'd be happy to keep it all in max if someone can suggest a good clean & simple delay patch (phaser would be nice too).

  • hacking into the group audio sends is really easy.

    i just finished tapping into everything. now i've got to get my effects patch working properly (death!)

    anyways, here's a step by step for grabbing the group output signals:
    1) unlock the mlr max patch
    2) right click on one of the group faders, and select the last item on the list: Open Original "output.mxb"
    3) unlock the output patch
    4) right click on the [pl #1] object and open original
    5) scroll to the bottom of the patch and change the arguments of the yellow [send~] objects from dac1 and dac2 to #1dac1 and #1dac2

    all you have to do next is create a patch that has receive's for each new audio send (1dac1, 1dac2, 2dac1, 2dac2, 3dac1, 3dac2, 4dac1, 4dac2) ((aren't you glad there aren't 8 groups now? i was!)), and then send the signal to rewire (something i'm not familiar with) or to a vst~ or anything else.

    in this new patch with the receive~'s, make sure you also receive the output from rewire or from your effects and then send them to dac1 and dac2 (if you want to use the master level in mlr. if you're outputting straight from your effects or through abelton or whatever, you don't really need to bring it back to mlr)

  • Thanks!!! Gonna check this out tommorow...


  • thanks much for the responses guys...

    kevin, good stuff. i followed your directions. i'm having problems, though, when trying to create the patch that recieves (1dac1, 1dac2, 2dac1, 2dac2, 3dac1, 3dac2, 4dac1, 4dac2) for each new audio send. i'm having difficulty determining where this new patch should be saved/stored within the mlr patch....i'm so used to bidule's parent/children patching paradigm that i'm having a difficult time grasping max's patch hierarchy...

    any chance you could just post the patch itself ;-) so i can have a look at it...thanks much!

  • you could make it a subpatcher [p rewire] or you could make a new file and save it and refer to it as its own object, as in [rewire]

    for your reference, i'll post what i did yesterday. it's not what you're trying to do, but it should help with showing you where things go. it's totally not finished and would best be looked at with a grain of "for educational purposes" salt.

    basically, as long as the sends and receives are in an opened patch, they will work. i think you will need Darwin Grosse's motormix objects if you want any sound to actually come out, or you could hack bypass the unfinished effects part.

    aside from what i described, everything is in [somefx]

    the other [p x] below it is to illustrate where you might put your routing stuff.