• Hi all,

    I justed wanted to hear about your live-setups. For now i'm using three freeware plugs: Camel Crusher (Distortion, Filter), LFX-1310 (Multieffect) and +decimate (Bitcrusher). Well +decimate does really make me headake as it (like Bitcrushers do) peak a lot when bringing it into.

    What do you use ?

  • glitch (or i will when my monome is here!!! lol)

  • uargh, ahhh ! don't remember me, let us not discuss this issue ! ...
    bump ... die ... (dead macuser)


  • heh. yea it does suck that glitch is win only. however, i doubt it will work in mlr either way; most beat-slicing/randomizing/remixing vst's like that need a clock signal and max/msp provides no such thing. at least, not until version 5. that's why i haven't plugged supatrigga, livecut or replicant into it. i wish there were a similar max/msp patch somewhere we could just chuck in there (until v5 comes out).

    me...i usually use mode's spin delay, audio damage's ratshack reverb then the other two usually rotate. lately i've been using daevlmakr's hilbertspace and betabug's crayon filter but +decimate and fuzz+ sometimes make the rounds as well.

  • but if i rewire into cubase etc then surely ill just have glitch or any plugin plugged into the main output fx.


  • >we could just chuck in there

    hello idea. does ChucK have a clock source that you could send out to max/vsts?

  • arctic-sunrise: yes, you definitely can if you rewire and have glitch in the rewire host. i was speaking natively (in mlr) tho.

    kevin: when i said "chuck" i didn't mean "Chuck" :) i meant a max/msp patch that could be integrated into the mlr patch. something that does glitching/beat-slicing/randomizing for you that could be interfaced to the output channels of mlr.

  • ill have t figure out rewire then. lol. it shouldnt be too hard under vstack.

  • @jmelnyk: thanx, now i understand why replicant and livecut refused to work. well i'll give crayon from betabugs a try.

    anybody else ?