mlr file list maintenance

  • so, i've got a preset file in mlr that has about 8-10 presets, and i'd like to continue building in that file, the only thing is, i've got a duplicate of just about every sound file in the file list.

    so, how can i clean up the file list without starting over from scratch?

    i'm hoping it's more convenient than going into the text of the preset file?

  • i've been wondering how to go about his as well...

  • the main file is obviously binary, from looking at it in wordpad, but the _filelist file is mostly text and seems like you may have a shot of editing it without massive pains. i havent tried this myself yet, so i would recommend backing up of course.

    that is assuming, of course, taht the files arnt completely tied together. but, i get the feeling that one is preset data (like, from a pattr or coll), and the other a filelist, and the data is exclusive, but both are needed.

    brian, does this sound right?

  • probably not. it's going to be a mess.

  • yea, i realized the _flist file's existence in an environment without internet about an hour after posting this. and tehn's right, it is going to be a mess. a mess and a half even.

    the main file isn't binary, it's coll format. a number followed by a comma (0, 1, 2, etc.) to indicate which element of the coll (i.e. preset number), followed by all of the data associated with that element (in this case, preset name, tempo, and then all of the file info)

    rather than store the file name in the main preset file, it stores the index into the _flist file, which has a path for each file. removing an item from the _flist file manually means you've created a null entry, which probably means that the next time you add a file, it will go into the space of the null entry.

    the other option is to decrement the index of each item after the one you remove, meaning you'd have to update the all of the references to the indices in the main preset file.

    for sure more trouble than starting over when i only have 10 presets.
    questionable with more than 20.

    does the new file loading scheme in mlr 3.0 do any better at removing or avoiding duplicate files?