Trying to Replicate the Original 40h

  • Hello,

    I'm a little curious if it's possible to create a replica of the original 40h from the new kits coming out tomorrow. I've read on the forum where to get the an anodized aluminum faceplate made, but I'm wondering about the enclosure for the original 40h. Is it thick plastic or black aluminum? I really like the look of the original 40h, wish I had known about the Monome earlier :P.

    This is my first dive into building electronics, well I plan to build a foot controller for Max first as a primer, but aside from that I'll be doing this for the first time over the holidays. So this should be fun. I'll probably modify the enclosure later as I get more comfortable, but I figure I'd aim to match the original 40h for a starting goal.

    Anyway, I'm also wondering if there's a drawing for that enclosure from the original available and if there are places that would make a single enclosure. Thanks so much, the Monome has got me more excited than I'll let on :)

  • it's compression molded silicone.

    you could probably vacuum form a similar enclosure out of acrylic?

    the used 40h market is also going strong.

  • Thanks Brian, I just found that thread now.. I'm tempted to just get one used, but I really want to learn how to build things myself. Is there a drawing you'd be able to disclose like the one for the faceplate? I'm curious how it's attached to the faceplate and if the base itself is one or two pieces... Two make sense, but I also don't know that much in this area.

    How will the payment go tomorrow for the 40h kits? Paypal, credit card? Also is shipping to Canada considered North American or International?

  • canada is north america. payment is google checkout. links will be posted tomorrow.

    i actually don't have a drawing, but just imagine the bottom of a tupperware or similar. a few screws connect the bottom to the top plate via spacers. that's it.

    check out the photos here:

  • Wow, that explained everything I was wondering. I should have explored a bit more before asking. But anyway, thanks so much, I'm really looking forward to the 40h kit

  • I tried to do vacuum formed acrylic, but failed. It's definitely doable, you just need to make sure that your mold is fairly solid and won't melt ;)

    What I ended up doing though was laying fiberglass over a mold. I ended up getting a very tight fitting, lightweight box. Tight corners are difficult to do with fiberglass and I ended up laying alternating strips (one vertical and another horizontal) that cover two edges each time... So the bottom has double the fiberglass than the sides.. I ended up adding another strip or two to reinforce each corner.

    It's still pretty rough and needs another layer of plastic to smooth out the mesh. I'm prolly gonna do something more interesting than the flat white paint job, but am pretty busy right now.

    Pictures attached...

    752 x 500 - 60K
    752 x 500 - 47K