48 Hour Challenge

  • it's like a chain letter. I challenge someone with a idea, then they write a song with that idea in mind, in 48 hours, and post it online. Then they challenge someone, and so on.

    After 2 weeks, you have 7 songs, you zip them, and release them for free online as an album called "48 hour challenge album !"

    and do this over nd over.

    The idea is to give someone a theme and idea to write a track on in 48hours and the track must be new please not scratch tracks or unfinished stuff u decide to pick back up for the challenge yea we wont know but i mean come on keep its fun.

  • quality.

  • i'd be very down to do this!

  • this sounds very fun.

  • Everyone Interested Post Links To Your Music In Here So That We Know Your Normal Style Of What You Do And So That We Will Know Who We Get To Challenge.

    Ill Pick The First Person Tuesday.

  • soundcloud.com/earthrise

  • I am in.


  • I'm in...


  • Sure, why not?


  • I'm in


  • id be up for this but whats been coming out of monome- me is different to my usual thing that comes out of me. should i try to eminate what i make in real life with the monome? normal me is here: www.myspace.com/andyouwishallday or here: www.myspace.com/flashbangwallop.

    see what i mean...

  • @sleepingcitizens

    I chanllenge you to write a really down tempo track keeping the idea of a city scape in mind

    your challenge starts when you see this and reply accepted

    best of luck