Anyone in the UK gonna be after a 40h top plate?

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone else based in the UK will be looking to get a top plate made for a 40h? I'm guessing a group order will make the most sense all round, so I thought I'd gauge interest.

    I haven't started looking into quotes yet though. Any suggestions about good places?


  • Hello,

    I am living in Denmark (just across the baltic), and if the price is right, i would like to join in at some European faceplate ordering.

    Let me know what you think!


  • Hi,

    I live in France and would be interested too if prices (especially shipping) are rights.
    I know postal service from UK to Europe are very expensive so it would probably be wiser to have a continental europe main shipping adress.

  • Hey,

    I am from the UK and I will be looking into getting a top plate made.


  • i'm in ireland - would be interested in a group buy. i guess an obvious place to start looking is Schaeffer but i'm sure there are lots of other options within the UK too

  • Hi,
    I’m in Sweden and I would also be interested in a group buy within Europe of the faceplate. (if the price is reasonable)

    Ideally It would be nice to find a local machinist, but I think it would be much too expensive for a single faceplate.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    I'm interested. I think the quote from schaeffer using the design that someone posted on the old forum (in a file format that's compatible with their downloadable design tool) was 70 euros for a one off. Can't remember how much that came down by when you buy them in quantity.



  • Hello.

    A European group by sounds tempting, I´m in Norway and depending on the price there is a good chance I´m willing to join in.


  • Hi,

    I would be interested too if the prices are right. I'm from Holland.



  • I check prices on Schaeffer for a 2,5 mm Natural Anodized Aluminium face plate based on the template I found on the site. I removed the screw holes, I intend to do these by myself.
    So basically the faceplate is just the plate and holes for light pads.

    This cost 49,16 euros VAT included (for France)
    If 5 are ordered it goes down to 43,43
    If 10 are ordered it goes down to 38,67
    if 20 are ordered it goes down to 33,75

    shipping is 4,95 euros to my place (no matter how many you order).
    Of course then you have shipping to your different adress.

    If some of you are interested in a group buy (at least 5) I'm ready to arrange it all.
    I'll probably order in a week or so, so if some are interested be quick.

    Keep in mind that this is a 2,5 mm faceplate (thinner than the template one) and no screw holes are done.

    I'll start a new thread where you can put your names.

  • I've had a clear acrylic 40h plate made - will post a picture tomorrow