accelerometer built in on my monome 64?

  • hi,

    i recently received my new 64 and it's lovely! i like the feel of the new buttons and the fact that it's smaller than my 40h.

    i read here that the 64 has a built in accelerometer. i tried enabling adc and enc on monomeserial but i get no response in the 40h test max patch. do i have to do anything special to enable this feature?


  • you don't have to do anything special. try using it with the application "bends". hook it up to a softsynth and see what happens.

  • i'm on winxp, using the latest monomeserial. i'm enabling the adc's but i'm getting no noise in the test patch. i also tried this with my 40h and at first i didn't get any noise either. but then after clicking around for a bit it started to work.

    is this a monomeserial/winxp issue?

  • the tilt is not the same as the ADC. there are no switches in monomeserial.

    in bends, go through the calibration setup and it should work.