Arduinome Manchester UK

  • hello! anyone in UK making a clone? Arduinome style?
    I've ordered my bits and shield ect no goin back ;)
    Just wondered if anyone is doin this too near by where I live

  • keep me posted with this mate, i am in ashton

    very keen to see what it ends up like

    i have a 64 and a 40h kit that i hope to turn into a 128 if new kits surface again

    i posted some vids here

    of a gig i did last week at trof in the northern quarter - first run out with the 64


  • coool man!!!
    im keeping a blog on this anyways for uni purposes with pics so you can check it out! seems straight forward as there are lots of cool links and blogs already that I'm following!
    let us know when u doin more gigs! could maybe trade some setups ect! (when its sorted! ;)
    your myspace link didn't work for me bro!

  • im really annoyed - i am waiting for an explanation from myspacxe as to why i can log in and see my profile but no one else can!

    will let you know when its back up

  • working again

  • Hi,
    I'm in North Manchester and am a bit of a hardware geek. So if you run into trouble getting it going I can fix it for you if you like.
    I have just (this weekend) got my own design of 4 by 4 monome going. Small but it has fully fadeable RGB LEDs and is just a precursor to a bigger project.

    Cheers - Mike

  • coool man! u may regret saying you'll help lol ;)
    hopefully I should be fine! cant wait! all bits are flying their way here!

  • vids good to sharp eye!!!!! nice one good beats and weird dins man!

    mike - that mini monome project u got goin sounds mental too!

  • If you think that's mad check out my really mad stuff:-


  • NO WAY MAN!!!! they look mental!!! electrical king! I esp like the arduinome controlling hammers for hitting the glock! I think NIN mon did something similar witha full grand piano and the midi hammer thing? i think theres a link on youtube man!

  • i will second that


    and in manchester to boot - what do you do mike? i teach music tech at a couple of colleges and am thinking how interesting your toys might be to some of my students

    i might try and arrange a guest lecture by you to let you show your toys off

  • hey man! did you do that noise toys at the old swimming baths somewhere in manc ? and they set up lots of weird instruments and things for kids to experiment with?

  • It's great to see that other people in manchester are doing some crazy hardware stuff. I'm just getting into making my own instruments at the moment - I have lots of acoustic / electric / crazyness combination ideas.

    @Grumpy_Mike - No way! My dissertation at UMIST was a lego robot that plays a glockenspiel given a MIDI file - it worked pretty well.

    @sharpeye - Which college do you work at? My girlfriend works in the photography dept of City College Manchester.

  • how weird - city college music department is one of my jobs, but also Mid Cheshire college in Northwich and Ashton Sixth Form College

    I dont know anyone in photography but whats she called?

  • @sharpeye - I'll email you...

  • Sharpeye "what do you do mike?"

    Well I used to be a lecturer at Man Met, in the Physics department, but they closed that down so I had to get a real job. Now I design digital TV systems, my current project (there are about 25 of us working on it) is a transmodulator to convert satellite signals into cable signals so that people in flats can have multy channel TV. I am up for giving your lads a talk but during the day might be tricky as I would have to take half a days holiday and I don't usually do weekends in Manchester, but I am up for it. I miss giving lectures (but not the exam setting and marking). Nowadays I give the odd ones to computer clubs.

    I used to run a music fanzine in Manchester in the late 90s called "This is not TV" but passed it on to some of the other contributors, who in turn have passed it on. It's still going as a web based fanzine although it has moved over to Leeds. Five years of lots of gigs, guest list places and interviewing and getting to know bands when they were small. Some disappeared and others went on to bigger things but nothing related to actual talent.

    Scrubber Fox - no that was not me but I do remember reading something about it. There is a guy that does festivals in Manchester with a milk float an milk bottles part full of water that is very similar to the glock.

  • sounds crazy that guy with a milk float! does he have MIDI triggers on milk bottles all loaded onto a float then drives round palying tunes! please tell me this is true lol! that'd be ace to watch! controlled by a monome like yours?

    anyo of u guyz seen in manc any art projects with visuals and weird sounds using different controllers? that would be awesome! maybe some like pulic interaction with motion sensors and pressure ect to control various parameters and images

  • futuresonic festival kind of scratch the surface of things like that, but i didnt go to much of it this year apart from flying lotus who was amazing and a monome user

  • The milk bottle chap:-