in los angeles this saturday

  • as shown on the front page, we'll be in los angeles at the LACMA for a show with machineproject. there will be a ton of different things going on and it will be a lot of fun.

    at some point during the day kelli and i will be doing a two-player mlr sleep music marathon.

    we built a ceramic tapping robot which will be controlled by a walnut 16x4.

    there are several great workshops happening throughout the day, including a soldering workshop for a simple synth.

    you won't be disappointed.

  • ok then tomorrow you bring it to the east coast right?

  • sounds awesome. is anyone filming?

    say hello to the tarpits for me.

  • man, come to the bay area sometime! Have fun!

  • what makingthenoise said :D

  • man, i'm dying to go to that event, but i'll be in SF all weekend for the green festival. my friend megan will be there though. =)

    videos of the robot would be greatly enjoyed!

  • I'm going to try to make it out to this, would be cool to meet everyone!

  • I'll be there! Sounds like fun!

  • Damn why cant i have money to fly to LA!
    cuz I spent it all on gear..oh!

  • looking forward to it!

  • don't know what 2 player mlr sleep music is but it sounds balls deep. wish we could be there

  • balls deep indeed...

  • yeah, i'm with makingthenoise. bring that sh*t to the east coast some time!


  • haha! can it play ping pong? beirut?

  • play robot basketball

    ours didn't do so well, unfortunately.. =(

  • you guys are dorks. i say this with love, from a computer cluster (on a friday night).

  • 2pm saturday sleep music in the nap area. i'll get together a 2player mlr video soon and post up the source.

  • how'd this go?

    i'd love to see a video or hear some audio =)

  • machine captured 66 dv tapes from this event, so i think it might take a bit of time before some edits are posted.

    i'll post up the mlr mod soon and take a video. a friend recorded the audio from the performance as well, perhaps we'll hear it soon.

  • i enjoyed the performance very much. and kelli and brian's installation. and the rest of the event, it was not to be missed if you were anywhere near LA. audio very soon.

  • dang, we got there around 6pm and apparently missed the performance, but did check out the cute ceramic percussion bots. very nice, look forward to the vid. curious what app was running on the 4x16- i couldn't make heads or tails of it (the perceived impatience of others waiting their turn might have contributed to this).

    a few highlights we did catch were kamau patton's proliferation of concept / accident tolerant: a series of feedback loops (which had a cool max program manipulating video feedback via various percussion elements); lewis keller's thornton room rumble modification (live remix of the ambient drone of the AC system); walter kitundu and robin sukhadia performing on tabla and invented instruments (inside richard serra's sequence cor-ten steel sculpture); and perhaps my personal favorite, the gothic arch speed metal performance, which we caught twice.

    good stuff, hope they do it again next year!

  • thanks for the kind words. the event on a whole was amazing-- a serious accomplishment for small, humble machineproject.

    the 4x16 was running a step sequencer that is pretty straightforward except that it has an algorithmic element which complements (fights against) user input. there's a timer which randomly runs a ruleset which morphs the step data: per column it copies the step to it's neighbor above, but this happens at random intervals per step, so it's indeterministic. it turns out to be a very nicely organic emergent behavior.

    i'll adapt a standard format version and post it up when i get a moment.


    2plyr-mlr still coming. i'll try to shoot some video.

  • I'm just listening to the lacma soundcloud track here:

    It's fantastic. It was sounds like this that started me on the monome journey.

    tehn - did you ever post the version of mlr you were using?