Mirroring the monome output

  • Well....

    If anyone remember, I know tehn does, a few months ago, just before the big forum crash and the change to the new forum I have asked about mirroring the output of the monome, like making one more huge faceplate or a wall installation the receive the same signals as the monome lights.

    I know that there was a lot of affort helping me and a lot of writing involved but right afterwards the data base crashed and that thread along with that week post went away.

    Only now do I have the time to continue that project,
    would appriciete some help again.

    Thanks again,


  • I have done mirroring with two 40hs. If they are both setup to the same OSC prefix they both will be mirrored and you can input on both. I've done this with my girlfriend on one and I'm on the other. But maybe it sounds like you want the second to just be a display mirror. In that case I don't know the hardware aspect of doubling the outputs till I get my kit and look it over.

  • c1t1zen,
    The first and simple option is to buy another logic board and send the signals through it as you did with the two monome's.
    I was thinking of mirroring it to a higher power consuming lights and haven't ventured that area ever, electric power management is not in my skills yet.

  • get another logic board, but for the grid portion you'd need to add mosfets or power transistors at each led/lamp junction. maxim might have an appnote about this, or someone else might be able to go into greater detail.