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    [my original post follows]

    I'm not (yet) a programmer, just a dabbler and appreciator. So my thoughts are not as tight as would be someone with real programming experience. But I've got not so much a request for an app as a kind of brainstorm, a nascent idea. I'm hoping that some programmers out there in the community will want to brainstorm this with me. It would be fun if it resulted in a real app at some point!

    Composer Arvo P

  • this sounds really interesting.

    i'd definitely be up for having a go at this...


  • Great! I'd love to hear any of your ideas as to how to better realize this app.

  • Sounds interesting to me as well, but I can't say I quite understand entirely. Could you give an couple of examples of sets of notes that you might expect for each voice... and perhaps a sample progression in said notes?

  • @claytron:

    Well, your question makes me realize the stark simplicity of what I was envisioning and that perhaps its main problem would be that, as an app, it may simply be too boring.

    I guess a lot of the apps out there generate some pretty mad and rad electronica and rhythm - I think I was trying to envision something slower, calmer, more meditative, something that would generate something more ambient. Perhaps I just need to experiment with something like Stretta's polygom

  • I don't think the concept is boring. It does seem ideally suited to my obsession about Max and harmony via the natural modes. Also, I'm a fan of Arvo P

  • Thanks, Stretta. Looking forward to future posts.

  • I wasn't in any way commenting on the merits of the idea, I'm just having trouble understanding the basic concept. I'm light on music theory, so it's hard for me to make sense of what you're asking for. I look at this stuff as numbers, so thats why I'm asking for sample progressions.

    I understand the qualities you're going for, but I need a simpler mechanical explanation of it.

  • listening to the example on your blog i +1 the idea

  • I keep circling back to a combination of press cafe and polygom

  • This sounds very interesting to me too. I'm also a big fan of P

  • @Claytron:

    Yes, thanks for the encouragement. I guess I didn't mean to come across so self-deprecating. I guess I just meant that my descriptions so far didn't seem to convey the idea in a way that matched my own hopes!

    So the "tintinnabular" voice is just an arpeggio: moving up and down the notes of a given chord, so, the one, three and five of that chord. The chord could be in any mode (e.g., start on any of the white keys, for example) so long as it served as the tonic (starting note) chord for that scale. The other voice would move up and down that particular mode or scale. I was originally envisioning these two things happening on different "pages," toggled by a function button. Is that helpful?


    Thanks for checking out the blog, and thanks for the encouragement.


    Thanks for thinking about how to realize this in a new way. I am excited about what you are describing. Different metrical subdivisions make sense. I love Polygom

  • I'm visiting family currently, so much of this is done on a laptop without a monome, but this is a rough idea of what I was talking about earlier.

    Top row is hold.
    Last column is modal degree.
    The remaining buttons 'play'

    You'll have to set up a bit before it will do anything - mainly selecting which modal scale degrees each column voice will activate.

    I'm not sure how useful this is as I wasn't able to actually play it, but I'd plan an up/down arp mode - maybe an oct range for the arpeggiator and some other things that are escaping my mind, but this should get you started.

  • Here is the file.

  • well, sounds cool... but what's the prefix, if you don't mind?

  • Hi stretta,

    this is allready a beautifull app,I get some stuck notes though.

    I have to go towork again in a few hours and still can´t stop playing around with it!



  • Stretta --

    Wow. RAD. Unexpected. Cool.

    Between putting my kid down for bed, dinner, clean up, helping a friend, I've only had a few minutes with it at this point, but it is amazing so far. I can't stop fiddling with it. I've got a bell/vocal sound and it's like a Christmas carol machine in my house (and that is a good thing, especially right now).

    One thing I hope you will consider adding as (at least I am hoping that) you continue to develop this app would be tilt functionality, eventually with assignable midi values (like in polygom

  • I have the sticking bug as well -- I think it's a bug anyway. I'm not 100% sure I'm understanding how this guy works but I can say that it's a lot of fun!

    Huge thanks to Tetramorph for posting the idea and of course to Stretta for kicking out another gear app!

    Please Stretta, whatever you do, don't take any medication to treat your obsession. :-)

  • I'm pretty sure you'll get stuck notes if you're in homophonic mode and change the mode while a button is held down. The arpeggiator should be pretty solid as it uses makenote. If you're getting stuck notes using the arpeggiator, then that must be an unknown bug.

    One obvious thing I'm planning is entering in the modal degrees from the monome. That is what the remaining top right button will be for - a mode switch so you can do this.

  • first off, this is really musical. awesome concept/work guys.

    has anyone else been able to sync to external beat clock? I went through the normal procedure with both Logic and Ableton (as i do with polygom

  • I think I am having almost as much fun with this proto-app right now as I do with the much more developed polygom

  • I think the reason sync doesn't work is I'm tapping off another area of the clock. This needs to be hooked up to the beat clock sync options.

    The arpeggiator is designed to cycle across the modal degrees, so yes, more than one check box is intended. You shouldn't get very interesting results unless more than one is selected. The check boxes apply to both arp and homophonic modes.

    I haven't been able to test multiple columns running as I don't have a monome. Each column should operate independently, but it may be I messed something up so the clocking isn't independent per column. I'll take a look at it, but I doubt much can be done before I return and hook a monome up to it - at that point it should be obvious what the issue is. Anyway, sorry about that.

  • OK - found one foolish mistake. The coll the stores the scale degrees wasn't independent for each column. Added one little '#' and it should operate a lot better. This may even help the stuck notes issue.

  • So I've had a bit more time. I am still really enjoying this app!

    Stretta, your fix solved the problem and each column is clearly working independently. Thanks!

    I am looking forward to the other additions/modifications you've already described above, like use of the top right button and more arpeggiation options. I know you'll come up with other ideas when you are actually able to give this thing a test-drive with your own monome!

    After having some more time to play with it, in addition to adding the kind of tilt features that polygom

  • I think I've spot a bug:

    if all rows are in homophonic mode, they play only the chords of the second row, regardless of the note settings.

    edit: here my first performance on the app:


    Merry Chirstmas !

  • @occular

    That was really nice! Thanks for posting the first vid of this app in action - good in terms of showing its features, how musical it is, and in being so fitting for the season!

    How did you manage to play those left-most columns so melodically?


  • @ Tetramoprh:

    thanks for the nice words!

    I think its the bug, I've described above ^
    I set the second row to homophonic mode and only one note in Max is checked( first one).
    The first and third row is in homo-mode too. So I was able to play individual notes.. Maybe that would be a nice addition to the app ?

  • @occular

    Okay, found it. Very fun! Truly a Christmas carol machine. Thanks.

  • Ahhaha. Totally didn't expect a video. This is the first time I've seen the software in use, strangely enough.

    All good suggestions + bug reports. I have one more day in Texas and I'll be home on the 24th. Still a crazy time of year for me, up through the NAMM show, so calibrate your expectations accordingly.

  • http://soundcloud.com/dadek/tin-two

    tintinnabulome meditation - live capture

  • really cool dadek, i like it.

  • Wow, dadek, that was beautiful. That was exactly the kind of aesthetic I was envisioning for this app.

    I would love to read a bit more of a description of how you set up / meditated this piece (if you would like to share).

    Please also consider sharing improvisations like this on Vimeo. It is nice to watch how a monome conductor puts this stuff together in real time.

    I have been meditating with / on this app as well. I plan to share those soon. Thanks again!

  • Thanks.

    Four columns in the 'tintinnabulome' running to RAX as a plug-in host for Kontakt 3. Playing kalimba and bowed piano samples. (Into a Lexicon Reverb) The durations were extended to '1.1' or so to allow the sustain of the piano bows. In the second half I enable a script in K3 on the kalimba that repeats the note played according to release.

    Once running I'm just enabling the four columns with a few transpositions. I tweaked the tempo during the performance as that helps get tracks back on the right beat division.

    Not set up for video yet.

  • dadek, that is a really helpful description. Now I've got to imagine how I could paint an impression of that with Logic Express.


  • http://soundcloud.com/dadek/tin-one

    This was the first thing I did in /tin.

    Just three columns cycling. Strings and vocals.

  • I very like the first one you made, really inspiring !

  • @dadek

    Amazing. I thought it was a Christmas carol machine. But now, it truly is a P

  • @tetramorph:
    >I thought it was a Christmas carol machine.

    I just did it just for my kids ! Hope you are not confused about that chrismas joke ;-)

    edit: this app hides more power, than one can expect..

  • @occular: Hey, no insult intended! Actually, quite a compliment! I thought your use of it was a perfect example of its simplicity and versatility. I shared it with many for Christmas wishes. Also, it was the first vid using it on Vimeo! So it was more than a joke for me.

    Yes, I am looking forward to delving back into that power. But I do also intend on using it for some more Christmas cheer next Dec.! Peace.

  • Thanks guys. Yeah, and big-ups to Stretta. I love ALL his apps.

  • Hello Stretta,

    i really love this app like nuts, can´t stop using it.

    So, is there any chance to get midisync done like it works in polygome allready?

    Since tintinnambulome can get quit wild it´s somehow hard to get the groove recorded into live in a usefull way.

    please, that would be awesome.

    thanks, hr

  • Okay, here is my first tintinnabular meditation, I hope you enjoy:


    @Stretta, occular & dadek: I've said some nice words about you with regards to this app on my blog, here:


    @Stretta: I do hope you can return to developing this little app. It is already quite wonderful as-is. But I hope you haven't lost interest. There seems to be real interest and good comments towards its development in this thread. Anyway, thanks again for another really fun and really musical app. Hope you have been enjoying the music it has produced so far.


  • Thanks for the kind words Tetramorph.

    I'm really hoping for further development of this app as well.

    Like 'time multipliers', half or quarter speed of beat clock.
    'Range' so arps etc can span more than one octave.
    Random velocity slider would also be awesome.

    I've got Max and I'm trying to learn to make my own mods and apps, but it's going slowly for now.

  • is it normal that i can't enable clock sync with live ? (live clock -> tin clock)

    thanks :)

  • @dadek - great ideas

    @Alrick - I don't use live, but I have had troubles syncing with logic

  • Many thanks for the kind words, Tetramorph !

    >time multipliers', half or quarter speed of beat clock
    I've tried to modify this patch, but it doesn't works with slower notes
    ( 0,5 or 0,25 ) But faster values works, like 16 and 32.
    The only solution I found is to simply slow down the tempo !

  • hello guys,

    I've just made my first mod of this app (and in general!)

    - note set-mode
    - arpeggio-switch

    The unused 8th button in first row is now a mode-button,
    which switch between normal/note set-mode and hold/arpeggio-switch.

    Note set-mode lets you use all 7 columns to set notes on device, instead of tempo. Leds of hold buttons are untouched for display purposes, you can switch blind between 4 apreggio modes.

    I hope you find it useful, as I do..

    ..any reports and bug-spotting are welcome !

  • @occular, that's awesome. i will have to check it out tonight.
    i just posted this video yesterday.


    i wish i would have downloaded your version first.

  • great vid mapmap.

    thats a great vibes-like sound - what is it?

  • @occular -- thanks for the mods. I will try them out tomorrow when I'm back with monome.

    @mapmap -- love the vid. Thanks for sharing. What is that nice little "click track" that you've got, I think on the third column?