kit enclosure idea

  • has anyone considered using a hammond box?

    search 546-1444 on

    granted they are rectangular, but that way you could add some other bits. getting the plate cut would be quite straightforward.

  • i like the model 1456PH1WHCWW

    10degree sloped panel, with walnut end panels

  • Those enclosures are thin. The kind of thin where if you press on the top, it will bend down with your pressing. If you drill them, they will dent. You would have to be careful about that. Their diecast aluminum enclosures are much nicer... they don't make them very big though. 1590F is the biggest, 7.4x7.4... I don't know the 40h dimensions so that might or might not be big enough. Also, a couple companies make clones of these that are a bit cheaper... look through the mouser catalog.


  • thanks for the heads up colin

    maybe just as flimsy, but the pactec pt-10 enclosure looks really nice as a midibox sid synth:

  • thanks for that link phi, i dig the look of that midibox. any chance you have a link to what it sounds like? i couldn't find one in my brief search of the midibox site.


  • oh of course, the one midibox page i didn't go to from their main site =P



    What about this one? Any ideas? They do not tell you the thickness of the material, or am i missing something?


  • or.....

    the one in the middle w/o mounting flange?

  • i used on of these a little while ago:

    they're nice, the top plate was a bit flimsy, but that might have been cause i drilled the shit out of it

  • at what thickness does aluminum stop getting flimsy? i.e. for a well secured 128 or 256 panel.

  • i'd just use the bottom part, and get a real plate made out of 1/4"

  • tehn, out of interest... how did you decide upon 1/4"? Obviously the weight and sturdyness are a big factor.. but how come you decided to not have more of the button protruding? was that also a usability or aesthetic decision?

  • i find that 1/4" is maybe not thick enough. i have 1/4" top plate an i feel like the buttons get stuck on the sides all the time. i may actually put stand offs on the pcb on the back just to lower the button clearance a bit.

  • Hi Bolig, I don't understand why less clearance would make the buttons stick on the sides less? can you explain further?

  • like when you press the button down (especially when jammin on it) they tend to lean to one side or the other when the buttons stick up higher. by lowering the clearance i'm thinking you lessen the chance of hitting the button on the side or making it stick. its very physical you just have to try it unfortunately.

  • I see, yeah that makes total sense.

  • that was part of the reason--- keeping the pad aligned.

    with regard to sticking, this might sound dumb, but it's standard in the molding industry to coat parts with a thin layer of talc. baby powder will work.