Motu BPM

  • This could give my zendrum/command station combo some fierce competition...

  • btw, this is apparently from the back cover of EM, Feb 09...

  • What tehn said! Looks stunning.

  • damn!

    MOTU's really on a roll, check out this control surface for DP (called EuCon):

    2548 x 608 - 171K
  • Surely Stretta can tell us more about BPM before tomorrow ; )

    @snsr... the eucon also plays nice with logic etc.

  • There is an interesting monome connection to BPM. I was tasked with making a demo/feature/tutorial movie for this product, but my voice was far too nerdy for the voiceover. For help, I turned to our own Primus Luta/AvantUrb.

    I believe the BPM pages and movie will be on-line sometime tomorrow.

    Please, someone make a denerdulator plug in effect.

    ps: the EuCon is a euphonix product.

  • Woa! On my way to the NAMM show now actually..I'll check the BPM out and report back.

  • @stretta

    Any way to "accidentally" post a sneak preview link to that video here? ;)

  • woah woah woah woah.

    at first i thought it was hardware. i thought "it says drag and drop. if i can drag midi and audio clips from DP to this, somebody hide the credit card," but the text makes it sound like software.

    i can't wait for tomorrow.

    yeah, the euphonix mixer looks starship entrprise, but for that kind of dough, i'd get the mackie universal control pro.

  • damn this, NI Maschine and BeatKangz...its MPC knockoff season. Hopefully these will up the anty and force AKAI to overhaul/redo. AKA re-employ jjos maker maybe :)

  • Now thinking it's just software. I think the "stand-alone" operation they're talking about is like running battery in "stand-alone" mode... :(

    Still looks promising...

  • Nah, I'm guessing you can drag and drop in the little spectrum display at the top, or in some sort of file browser. It has a DVD slot in the front, so I think you can load in a disk of samples and go crazy.

    Stand alone, means you don't need a computer.

    If this thing is more than just brochure'ware (that image is totally a 3d rendering) it's going to be VERY special.

  • @JP

    I hope you're right...

  • i say just software.

  • those sliders look little.

    if it's software, that means the device is hackable, one way or another.

    i hope it has OSC

  • upon closer inspection, does this thing have two screens?

  • this is going to be software, but it is still welcome. DP is good for live *backing*, but it has always lacked the ability to go on-the-fly and to jump around between sequences without gaps in playback like an MPC (or at least i havent found that ability in it). maybe it will allow Live playability in the DP platform.

    price? please god, somewhere between Mach5 and Ethno ($349?)

  • Okay, I'm over the hardware lust disappointment. Looks like a great piece of software...


  • Any prices or release date yet? Looks pretty cool.

  • It's not real !!! I hate fake 3d hardware shots.

  • Haha, i feel your pain.

  • It sounded too good to be true. I think we're still a few years away from this level of functionality in a stand-alone box.

    Looks like I'll be keeping my zap and px-7 (not a bad thing)...


  • just watched the video i am now in love!