MOTU Volta analog integration software

  • I was trying to do something similar with max/msp for monome control/modulation of analog gear. This seems big.

  • yeah, I'm very interested in this. I hope it works with the ultralite though.

    BTW goiks, were you trying to do an OSC-CV type implementation, I think that would kill!

  • fwiw, there is an ultralite pictured in the motu presentation... i just got a cheap old 828 to work with, so i could still use my ultralite for audio.

    i may continue figuring something out, as the motu software undoubtedly costs more than i would want to pay. but i have a lot to learn, as well as other priorities. we'll see...

  • this would be awesome. is there any reason it would only work with motu gear, or would other multi out interfaces do the same? (by this i dont mean the mou software, but goiks version)

  • This is a pretty interesting development from MOTU given a 'quote' on the Max list where MOTU don't recommend connecting up their interfaces in this way.

    I think it's on this page somewhere...

    and definitely here...

    "We would not recommend sending control voltages through your 828. Outputting DC voltages through your 828 will damage your 828 and void it's warranty"

    Anyway, apparently 828mk2 gives a reliable +/- 5v, my Traveler gives out + 3.6 / -3.3 (bizarre)

    Have also tried my RME Fireface 400 which from memory gave me about +/- 4v

    To test output I set up a very slow cycle~ in Max and also connected a flonum to sig~ then straight to the dac~

    Haven't actually connected it up to my modular yet, as I've got a Doepfer MCV24

    Again, maybe Stretta has some insider info to share (if appropriate and not covered by an NDA!) ; )


    Good one, Stretta! :D