thoughts on Max for Live from dz

  • found this in my RSS feed.

    i suppose this is officially leaked now, eh?

    oh, this was there too..

    i suppose this means its actually officially announced, rather than leaked.

  • Woo

    You can write "plugins" using Max?

    That makes the Monome potential for Ableton just insane.

    I'm getting a copy of max next month, gotta start learning.

  • i'm waiting until they add OSC support.

    i'm inclined to say that i may have to just got for live8 and write a "plugin" that translates OSC to ableton messages.

  • max plugins and osc would be absolutely amazing for monome :)

  • I await more details with some anticipation. Certainly, it spells the end of the rubble of IAC MIDI, OSC, ReWire and Pluggo automation hacks that I'm currently using to gig with Ableton and the monome.

    Note also the mention of Live's new "web collaboration features."

  • I'm pretty sure if this looks good in practice, that I'll finally be buying a copy of Max

  • a folder named _Framework appeared in the MIDI Remote Scripts in some of the recent Live 7 upgrades, and it seems that the folks working on the LiveAPI project are aware of it and have started to reverse engineer it. this may be the live/max integration piece, and once it's fully understood, it may be possible to utilize the integration without the max/msp layer. having said that, Live 8+Max for Live sounds incredibly powerful and promising. still, maybe we won't have to wait that long and shell out for the upgrade to get our monomes in the mix.

    i hope ableton just makes their communication API open, but i seriously doubt that is going to happen.

  • This should really blow the door wide for some killer integration. I absolutely can't wait.

  • holy feaking dood man.........
    is all i can say....

  • Do you think that it's gonna be possible to use (all) existing Max patches in Max for Live ?

    I'd be so happy if it finally would be possible to integrate MsPinky vinyl control directly into Live. There is a Max/Msp patch available from MsPinky. So maybe you had to create a Max for Live patch that uses the incoming speed/position informations and transform it to a clip in Live !?


    Holy @#$%. There goes all my time this winter.

  • looks like it won't require max/msp but just max for live and live 8? that's good news cause i can't afford max right now...

  • exciting @shufflebug mspinky directly to live would be the shiznizilbamsamson

  • "i can't afford max right now"

    I can't afford, max and the upgrade to 8, that's for sure.

  • "A step sequencer object: Previous efforts like SynthMaker in FL have made it pretty easy to build instruments and effects, and it’s certainly possible to build sequencers in tools like Reaktor or Pd. But what’s unique about Max in Live is that it provides a sequencer with a Live-style interface that integrates with tempo."



  • im gettng so giddy ! i cant wait now just the money part...


  • I just wet my pants

  • Yep, new trousers please?

  • i'm waiting for them to drop the news on the wing wangs... but yeah, this is cool.


    funny that they use that directory for the page about these features.

    so many inappropriate jokes. so little time.

  • In the Cycling74 article mentioned by JP they say "... Max for Live will introduce a Max-based API for controlling and extending Live itself through the live.object, live.path, and objects. We'll preview these objects in a forthcoming article, but we hope the features we've described have you thinking about the possibilities for Live devices you'll be building in the near future."

    That sounds like the API will be open. Do you think we will be able to make our (monome) applications talk to the API directly ? That would be great, e.g. I can imagine addressing the new Live 8 Looper remotely is lot of fun !

  • I am all about learning MAX now.

  • well, it's open in the sense that you can use max/msp to access it, but it would be nice to access it directly without the need for max/msp up front. max/msp must be communicating to ableton over some sort of protocol (unless it's a shared memory solution? i guess that's possible too).

    either way, monome integrations should be very easy with max for live. i'm probably in the minority in wishing i could bypass max/msp and just talk to ableton directly. i'm already planning for the live 8 upgrade, but i could live without the max for live piece for awhile (maybe) if there was a way to access ableton in this way without max.

    i'll probably end up buying max for live anyway, it looks really freaking cool...

  • at last! really f#cking ace :)

    just a pitty it s gonna be a payed add-on. would be neat if it was free for people already owning max.


    Attention Max users!

    The equation works both ways: If you already own Max, Max for Live provides straightforward tools for controlling Live from your Max environment. Maybe you want to exploit Live's timeline, or work some magic with the Session View—it's up to you. If you own Max 5, this will be your editing environment when you open up a Max for Live device. Please note, though, that Max for Live doesn't include a version of Live.

  • phortran, you (and your pages) were in my mind as I read the Max stuff. Especially the AbletonClipSkipper page and the related problems (missing exact information about clips position etc.) Maybe it will be possible to make ClipSkipper a grown up Mlr(V) by utilizing the new integrated looper !? We'll see ...

    Hmm, would be perfect if 'Max for Live' itself was addressing a general (new) LiveAPI (via OSC) ;-)

  • my thoughts exactly shufflebug! the integration could be much tighter for existing things, and many new page types could be created if i can get access to this. if all else fails though, an osc api implemented in max for live would probably do the trick as well.

  • I would totally freak out if the MsPinky Maxi-Patch can be integrated into (Max for) Live. Not long ago they released an OSC version of it (

    Remember the cool ammobox thing ? (

    Imagine if you could scratch clips in Live like this ! Record to clip and (stream) scratch it immediately .. wow.
    Or trigger some clips/samples via a MidiSeqPage and scratch 'em as they are played in sync. Fantastic !

  • this is really amazing

    two paragraphs which are the most interesting here:
    "Attention Max users!" and "Official Live API"

  • Holy crap. Can someone get me a tissue?

    I've been holding off from upgrading Live for this very reason, I figured with NAMM coming and all, this was due. And now it's here!

    I'm guessing MaxforLive (I'm so glad they didn't call it Max4Live) also allows the use of Jitter objects, effectively making Live a possible VJ tool as well.

    Now excuse me while I scurry off to find my credit card.

  • i have been waiting for this ever since i heard whisperings of a ableton/cycling collaboration last year.

  • So I assume this all means the possibility to have many of our favorite Monome apps and M4L+Ableton Live all exist in one big happy mushy mashup!?

  • @Bastiaan: i'm really hoping for the jitter objects too. The video inclusion in Live was a good idea, but pretty lame being that it's only useful in Arrangement View. Having corresponding video clips to go along with audio or midi clips just sounds pretty amazing.

  • hot damn... just reading about it now and seeing what all the fuss is about.

    so no OSC for sure or have they not announced that yet?

  • > So I assume this all means the possibility to have many of our favorite Monome apps and M4L+Ableton Live all exist in one big happy mushy mashup!?

    yeah, and you can also assume that this means i'll have a hard time getting any sort of work done that's not related to either of these three things once it's released.

    definitely the right marketing tool to push me over the edge into live.

    i'd guess that jitter is supported, but that's just a guess.

  • > so no OSC for sure or have they not announced that yet?

    as far as i can tell, not announced, but seemingly implementable in "Max for Live"

  • yeah it would be nice to have osc through and through but having it in max for live is a good enough i think.

  • > it would be nice to have osc through and through


  • from the c74 forum page:

    to me, it looks like that people owning Max/MSP can use that as the editor for devices, still you need Live 8 and the bridge code. If not owning Max/MSP but MaxForLive and Live8, you can edit within Live 8 only.

    In terms of Jitter, see below:

    >Robert Henke of Ableton said "Max = MaxMSP/Jitter" in the recent
    >discussions on their forum. Subject to change, I reckon, but that's my
    >guess too - my rig would be f*cked without it, and I'm no VJ...

    anyone knows when it will be released ?

  • Here's a quote from the Ableton forums:

    Coupe70 wrote:
    now that the initial question seems to be answered, may i ask
    somehting else about max for live (as i know jeremy is reading
    this thread) ?

    as max for live is kind of limited to the inside of live, what
    possibilities are there to communicate with the "outside world" ?

    and i think robert henke mentioned that jitter is also included.
    does that mean i can produce my live-visuals inside live without
    additional visual software ?
    jeremydb (presumably a coder at Cycling74) responds:

    We're not crippling Max's communication with the outside world, to the best of my knowledge. If you want to use a Max Device to convert MIDI or audio into serial port instructions for a robot claw or OSC data over a UDP connection, you should be in business. Same goes for Jitter.

  • That sounds amazing !!

    Can't wait for the details on the clip manipulation possibilities as well.

  • The possibilites are literellay endless!

  • loads of info on the 'max for live' thread at c74 forum.

    if you read it then i think it's right that max for live equals max/msp/jitter

    also really interesting:
    Live (+ any hosted libraries, incl. M4L) and Max are two separate processes and don't share memory. That means that things like send and receive will NOT work for communication between Live and Max. Naturally, send and receive work fine within the Max Device context, though -- devices can conceivably talk to one another, although if you've ever tried that in Pluggo, you probably know that there are caveats. OTOH, you can send network signals (udpsend/udpreceive, for instance) between processes...

    that looks like a yes for osc

  • OMG!!! YEAH!!!! OMG!!! YEAH!!!!

  • By the way, did anyone see a quote for the price on this yet?

  • nope, no price yet

  • prob Q2....

  • message from Jeremy, who wrote the code:
    "You can certainly use OSC in Max for Live, though."

    thats a big step for all us monomers, can`t wait to try this out......

  • I was on the fence about buying Max yesterday. Now I've been abruptly forced over.

    Exchanged emails with a Cycling 74 sales rep today. She said that Max for Live is NOT a full version of Max and that you will need a full version of Max to edit patches.

  • Seems a bit silly really how they will charge extra for maxforlive when you need a full version of max to do anything with it!