128 port of life

  • Any plans for a 128 port of Conways life?

  • It's pretty easy to do with the existing 256 version. Just go through the ChucK file and change half of the 16s to 8s. Change the X ones to run 8x16 vertical, or the Y ones to run 16x8 horizontal. In a quick look through the file I count 12 instances to change.

  • Ahhh.. ok. Thought the Chuck stuff was compiled. Thanks.

  • I'm sure that it can get pretty complicated. Life's relatively simple though.

  • hah no I did mean compiled, as in I didn't realise .ck files were human readable...

    .. but despite that fact I've still not managed to get it working in 128, it's the last important chunk of script that baffles me :) No good for this human.

  • That's funny, I completely read "compiled" as "complicated". I'm mostly a perl scripter, so I don't think much about compiling.

    Every world reference has three values: [x][y][state]. Even though there's a bunch of math going on inside of them, each line in the last section still amounts to the same thing. So you want to change all of the 16s inside of either the [x] or [y] sections to 8s.

  • Ok so anyone want to confirm if this is correct? It certainly seems to wrap correctly but it seems too 'stable'... maybe that's a side effect of not having a square space?


  • Looks good to me.

  • I recorded this for a friend so thought I may as well post it


  • Works great for me. Thanks MB!
    Should be posted in the software section in my opinion.