• i just found myself with one....
    holy shit......
    the forever remix

  • can I have your mini? :)

  • some really high quality effects for the price.

    i was surprised the first time i picked one up.

    nice score.

  • my favorite piece of kit

    monome emulator for those who don't know ;)

  • edison -- Yes, I love it. I mainly just use it as the "effects" for my old Prophet 600 (and other things, like my old DR550 dmachine). I fell in love with "mod 3" = "talk filter" and can't leave it (except, occasionally, for a ping pong delay). I love how it has two different formants mapped to the x and y, along with a ping pong delay unaffected by pad touch. Can't wait to see what mad stuff you do with it man!


  • haha!
    dood..... no lie, i would mail that shit to you.....
    BUT, i traded my microKorg and miniKP to get the KP3
    i know i took a lil loss as far as price, but you all have seen the videos,,,,,
    my studio is a closet....
    so gotta get out the old to bring in the new...
    seriously .... the KP3 is the coolest thing ive gotten since the monome...
    ive been using the looping capability to create on the fly remixes of all the loops on the monome...then just playing on top of it...
    its like never ending remixes.....

    i gotta try the mod3
    i havent even dug into t yet.....
    its mind blowing!

    peace yyall!

  • dude edison, your 64 fingers project mixed with the live looping of the kp3 would be sickeningly awesome. I was watching beardy man on youtube for a while in total awe of the power of the kp3 in the right hands.

    micro and the mini for the kp3, yeah it's a loss on the price but not too bad of a trade, in all honesty if you sold the micro and mini used seperately you would have barely made enough to buy the kp3 I'm thinking (especially when you consider ebay listing fee's and shipping costs and driving to the post office and all that jazz)

    do yourself a favor though and go into the preferences and make that thing stop dancing all over the place (the lights I mean) I hate the fact that the lights are so damn busy on it.

  • oh man....
    the lights took me a minute to get used to..
    it is kinda a disco show...

    64 fingers you say.....


  • ehi dudes, did u know about kaonome?

    u can find it online it's a donationware, u can use a kp3 acting like a monome. it's not the real thing but at least u can use apps for 256 (i tried brontologik on it)
    because u can have 64x4 leds.

    sorry don't know the link but if u r interested goggle it

    ciao ciao!


  • @dirtysilver: salamanderanagram posted that already. Four comments from the top. It looks pretty sweet.

  • * CommentAuthoredison
    * CommentTime13 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure you can turn the disco show off.

    I also don't like how when you're sliding your finger the little squares follow your finger, it's like a really bad form of visual feedback that's all quantized instead of fluid the way the effects actually being controlled. I have the same beef with my bcr2000 but not nearly as bad, you turn a knob slowly and you see that little led going 'step, step, step' for some reason it bothers me.

  • "I also don't like how when you're sliding your finger the little squares follow your finger,"

    this was absolutely infuriating when trying to code kaonome. it fucks up the display every single time you touch it; probably the biggest drawback of the whole system.

    you can turn the "disco show" off pretty easily in the KP3 editor software.

  • heyhey...
    @ salamander...
    yeah ... i just checked out the editor last night..
    ill mess with it..... as i just DL'd the kaonome....
    can't wait to try it out...

  • This may seem kind of silly, but I cant get mine to show up on my mac. Do you have to have a memory card in it first?

  • sorry salamander, i didn't see ur post

  • ;) i'll take all the publicity i can get.
    oddly, the monome forums send twice as much traffic my way as the kaoss pad forum...

  • oddly there's no real action at the korg forums with all the effort they don't really put into keeping people pumped (ie: updates!) I go there every couple months to check and make sure nothing interesting has happened and sure enough, nothing has!

  • i know it.
    the kp3 forum can be painful, no matter what you post there it gets buried beneath people incapable of connecting it to their computer or conducting a simple forum search.

    there'll be like 4 competing topics about the exact same thing right at the top of the forum and still people will join and ask the same question again lol.

    @edison - if you have any suggestions or feedback send it my way! i've been completely lazy and have yet to implement /frame because there were no programs i was testing with that used it but other than that it should be pretty solid.

  • @ salamanderanagram

    Thank you for releasing this creation and contributing to the propagation of music synthesis!

    @ everyone else:
    I'm excited to use my Kaoss pad in conjunction with kaonome, but am having difficulty in doing so.

    My setup is as follows:

    Max/Msp runtime 4.5
    _mlr 2.27

    In Kaonome:
    Midi input set to "Pad"
    Midi Output set to "sound"

    In _mlr:
    midi beat clock source set to "KP3pad"
    beat clock output set to "KP3 sound"

    If you could help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, I'd be most appreciative


  • well for starters you're trying to plug two things into the midi in of the kp3 which could cause problems. i don't think the kp3 even receives midi clock and if it does it doesn't do it very well.

    mlr is kinda hard to work with too. have you tried polygome? it's best to start on something simple.

  • thanks for the expeditious reply.

    ironically, I had better success w/ mlr than with polygome. I managed to configure everything so that mlr and kaonome at least recognized when I was fiddling with the kp3 [i.e. "midi in" and "osc out" lighting up] , but that was the extent of my success. What else needs to be done in order for the kaoss pad to "recognize" kaonome?

    I feel like this is a silly question, and please excuse my extremely fundamental understanding of MIDI functionality in general, but do I want my input/outputs to be set to kp3[pad/sound] or mmj? Also, just to satiate my own curiosity, why? I feel like the more I learn about this the more I can potentially be self-sufficient and contribute in the future.

    also, in another one of your comments, you mentioned that other downloads from the monome app page were necessary. do you have any specific recommendations, or is mmj/MaxMsp/kaonome/softsynth sufficient?

    Thank you again for your advice so far, and I'm looking forward to viewing (and subsequently being simultaneously impressed and befuddled) by your future creations

  • hey man, yeah i don't know with mmj exactly how things should work, only that it can be done. i don't have a mac

    in fact i have an actual grid controller now so i haven't used kaonome in about a year or more... lol. so i'm a bit rusty but if kaonome is sending out OSC data, but not receiving it your problem may be setting the prefix properly - have you been setting the prefix?