Rewire help

  • Hi,

    I am using the monumalator for the padKontrol to use mlr in Mac osX Leopard. I am using this until I can get a monome :)

    Anyway, I am able to rewire audio using ad_awire into Abletone which is nice. But, I am wondering if I can do a true rewire where Ableton is Master and mlr is slave. Ableton would dictate audio 'timeline', bpm and start stop. As of now I am having to edit all my files to be in 'time'. Hopefully it is something simple I am missing, any help is much appreciated.

  • Where is "monumalator"? I saw a youtube vid of someone hacking a padKontrol to work like a monome 40h, was that you?


  • not me...

    make a login, go to pk forum and download it. IT is awesome.

  • ...just wondering, I have found through some research it has to do with intializing ad_rewire

    then close max/mlr

    then open live

    open max/mlr

    then pick options in midi in live?

    How do you guys get your _mlr to be synced with live or a host?

  • You have to send MIDI sync from Live using IAC Bus ( mac ) or MIDI Yoke ( windows ). Then In MLR's Options, MIDI Beat Clock Source, should be set to accept from this same IAC Port...That should get you rolling...

  • well that screws me on mac...mac dropped iac bus

  • WOO HOO, got it to work.

    Ok, the only lil glitch that I havent found out yet how to fix is in _mlr, it will be a -.10 of the host bpm behind. it gives a nice 'groove' but not completly solid!! Anyway, I'll try to iron that out. So anyway, Leopard heads, here is how as apple has dropped IAC bus and midi.

    Go to and download the java utilities. Follow directions of the dragging option. Then go into max and midi settings, and IAC will show up, then click it to be active. Then assign in _mlr IAC bus out like Bang is saying, follow those directions from there with Ableton etc.. Wow, this is great now!!

  • hello,

    this sounds good. where do I get this ad_awire thing from? google just says 'do you mean ad aware?'.


  • @restless: open _mlr, go to options-dsp options- then where it shows what audio driver you want click that drop down and pick ad_rewire as the audio driver, then within that configure the ins outs ...

  • I can't get this to work. when I select ad_rewire all it does is stop all audio in mlr and nothing will happen. nothing moves on the device. no sound.

    what am i doing wrong?

  • close all programs out, then restart your programs in this order.


    go to options in mlr, go to dsp options, click audio to on, when you switch to ad_rewire it turns audio off

    then when in abletone when you press play is when you can control mlr as it is slave now

  • okay, well i don't have a monomulator I have a real monome but I assume it's the same process. Will try this later. thanks.