[update::mlrV] +++new features+++

  • @monohusche:
    the video used the following format
    [4 group stops] [filter bypass] [filter sweep] [delay send] [delay feedback]
    the rest isn't used at all.

    rewire sync has not changed at all since the previous version (i think) so i'm not really sure what the deal is. was it working previously?

    curently there is no paging system for the 40h/64 but this is part of the reason i added the tilt functions. as such you could have 6 group stop buttons, then 1 pattern recorder, and the [preset.tempo.tilt] button (i think that is the combination). this will allow you to use only one button to do a number of functions w/ a tilt sensor.

  • nice, and the loops were played in slice mode ?

  • the drums are in loop mode, and the melody/chords are in slice mode (my general setup these days)

  • @enjoi

    Hmmmm, rewire worked fine in the last version. Does it work for you?

    PS: Enjoi, the sweeping control with the filter is so dope!

  • For some reason when I use the audio recorder it doesn't save a WAV file or a AIFF file but instead a file without any specific format is saved. How can I fix this? Also what is the box with the 5 circles with "store" written above it meant for? Also, whats "imm. changes" and "inner loop" meant for? Thanks for your help.

    On a side note -where's the "show wave grid" fuction that gets the red marker to show up to keep track of which slice is playing in the loop?

  • @producer1620:

    'inner loop' toggles the dual-press looping behaviour (if you press two buttons on the same row simultaneously, a small loop will be activated between them). On by default.

  • the audio recorder saves whatever file format you select in the save file box. you need to type '.wav' or '.aif' manually by hand - like old school. if you forget, just change the name of the file afterwards to add the extension.

    the box w/ circles is a preset / default settings storing function. the idea is that when you restart mlr you won't have to reselect things like your top-row functions et al. *NOTE* currently it doesn't work though as I don't quite have my head around autopattr and preset storage within the patch itself.

    'imm. changes' is short for 'immediate changes'. basically this is one of the big differences between mlr2 and mlrV and some people didn't like it, so I added an option to have either function. in mlr2 you could change all the settings you wanted for files, octave, group etc. and changes would only occur on a per-row basis for the information that had been updated.
    in mlrV i changed this format to have all changes take effect immediately, with the idea that most settings in each row are changed in preparation for a live performance, and the real performance happens on the box away from these settings. as such it seemed faster, and more efficient to not require a person to have one hand on the box retriggering samples, just to hear the effect of changes.
    >>> of course it a decision of personal preference so i recommend trying both modes and deciding which is for you (perhaps turned on for preparation, and off for live would work?)

    finally 'show wave grid' is removed as a function and is always turned on. as such you should be seeing the red slice markers - if you aren't, make sure you're running max5.0.5 or newer.

  • Thanks for your help.

  • Amazing, I want pattern recorders to do "inner loops" :(

  • Its been so long since I used the audio or pattern recorders in MLR and have never used either in MLRV, and was wondering if someone could explain with some good descrioption how to use the pattern recorders. There are 4 dials to click and drag on to select a number but I'm not sure how these work. I'm pretty sure they have to do with the pattern recorders though. Also, any help with explaining the section on the left with the number box that goes up to 11 and the button labled "loo" would be appreciated. I realize this alot to explain, and appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks again.

  • any way to get the 40h/64 version default to 8 rather than 16?

  • i'm working on an edit intended for use with the 64/40h. defaults to 8 in record length and sample slices. and the top row functions have a mod button on 8 (possibly 7 as well) similar to mlr aes. allowing you to assign 8-15 in the top row tab and get the extra controls.
    should be up pretty soon, soon as I've handed in all this damn uni work anyway.

  • That would be awesome!

  • @myralfur, sounds similar to the mod i'm making too, adding an extra top row function key that will 'add eight' to the x coordinate of any button press (except on the first row), as a way to address 16 columns on an 8*8.

  • @databomb:
    it has not seemed logical to me to change all 16s to 8s when pressing a smaller monome size in the chooser - my reason being that if you have a preset loaded, it would destroy that preset and if you had selected different numbers than 8 or 16, you would have to reload.

    this is why i have recommended to others who have asked:
    >>> simply choose your smaller monome size
    >>> change the preset to the next preset
    >>> change the preset back to the previous
    >>> the entire preset structure will now be built with a default of '8' in every preset

    pattern recorders are the same as always with a couple additions. the 4 dials are just circular representations of the loop point and the fact that your pattern is recording/playing. the numbers overlayed are the length of your loop in 1/4 notes.

    to use them, press the pattern recorder and it will start recording on the first button you press. when the pattern time is finished the loop will start playing and you can go drink a beer.
    if you want to add something (or overdub) to your pattern recorder, you can do so by press+holding the pattern record button that is already playing and press some more buttons on your monome.
    when you want to stop the pattern just *tap* the recorder. if you hold the recorder it won't switch off and will be expecting overdub information.

    audio recorder:
    the number that goes to 11 actually goes to 32 - i'm afraid it's a font problem w/ windows machines not having 'futura'. this sets the length of the audio sample to capture.
    also the 'loo' should be 'loop', and enables looped recording which is difficult to explain the benefit of other than by saying to experiment w/ combining it w/ the pattern recorders.
    in order to begin recording, first choose your input from the bottom section of the input recorder box (the volume fader called 'input'), then hit the button named '1record'. this will begin recording when you RELEASE teh mouse button.
    you can change which audio buffer to record into by pressing the + and - buttons. the waveform of the audio you are capturing should appear in the large grey box.


    hope this helps.

  • also - @myralfur:
    i really strongly encourage this modification you are talking about, but i do have one request to make!

    could you please add it as a 'top-row' function so that it can be selected in the global settings pane. doing it this way will allow the modification to remain part of the standard distribution of mlrV and won't require divergent edits for different purposes.

    i'm excited to see how you come up with the solution!

  • "could you please add it as a 'top-row' function so that it can be selected in the global settings pane."

    Coincidentally i've just finished adding an assignable top row function that sounds very similar to what myralfur is talking about (edit: on 2nd read i'm not sure if this is the same thing at all!). It works like this:

    The new function is called x.plus8 in the menus. While pressed, any other press on row 1 or higher gets passed through a coordinate modifier, which adds 8 to the x coordinate. (Presses on the control row, which I'm calling row 0 are not affected).

    @enjoi your code is super neat, that made it easy to add this mod in a clean way. I marked the stuff i changed in red so we could incorporate it into your latest version without too much hassle, if you want to.

    What I'm about to do now is try to add a complementary mod that does the following:

    if the 'current step number' in a sequence is greater than 8, and you're using a monome with only 8 columns, then the actual value of the step will be 'wrapped' for the purposes of displaying it, so that it will light up one of the existing column cells. This so that it's easier to use an 8x8 as if it was a 16x8. I was thinking of adding this as a non-configurable mod, since i couldn't think of a reason that anyone would be inconvenienced by it. What do you (all) think about that?

  • i tried really hard (and spent many hours) cleaning up the code of mlrV for the very reason that i wanted to encourage people to really get in and understand it. i cut my max teeth on mlr2, dissecting and digesting the craziness of that patch, and felt that slightly neater code would go a long way to help people without so much expertise in max to figure out what is going on.

    unfortunately i didn't have the foresight to really add very much commentary except on topics that seemed particularly complicated (mostly because i was afraid *i* would forget what was going on).

    >>> i'm glad you appreciate it! cheers


    on the additional top-row function => ++++sounds like a great idea, and i love that the option is hidden for everyone that doesn't use it or like the idea (i know personally that a pages system doesn't work well with my brain).

    the only problem i see with the wrapping idea is that it could become very confusing having your loops seem to wrap back to the start even though they were in the 2nd half of the sample. this could be exacerbated even further if only some samples were set to 16 long and others were 8.

    i'm not sure exactly how people would plan on using the mod, so perhaps it won't be a problem, but just trying to highlight the issues i see.


    also - i know i use it a lot - but you could think about using the 'momentary / latch' concept i've used for the filter bypass and delay send. it is quite a simple abstraction and all you need to do is attach to the 1 / 0 of the button press and it does all the work itself. => a simple copy+paste job.

    just thought it might work well seeing as you might want to hands to slice samples in the 2nd half of the monome too!

  • "the only problem i see with the wrapping idea is that it could become very confusing having your loops seem to wrap back to the start even though they were in the 2nd half of the sample. this could be exacerbated even further if only some samples were set to 16 long and others were 8."

    Yes, I thought about this too. I could imagine it being confusing if you're just getting started, and you're accidentally using a 16 beat loop on 8 column monome. I'm hoping that the utilty of having some kind of display of 'out of bounds' steps makes up for it though.

    Ideally, for the future perhaps, lights that have been wrapped would display differently to regular ones (eg. a fast blinking).

  • when you choose the number of groups option to be 6, how are you supposed to stop group 5 and 6 once you start? I noticed that there is only a group kill button for groups 1-4 in the top row. Thanks for all your help.

  • click the 'top-row' tab in the lower-right hand corner of the interface (global settings).

    this provides a button assignment section where you can choose which button will be the group-stop for groups 5 and 6.

  • thanks for your help.

  • Hey, one more thing. I use Windows and there is a problem with displaying any numbers higher than 11 on three of the pattern recorder length dials. How am I supposed to set them to 16 or 32 if they only dispaly up to 11? From what I heard this is only a problem in Windows.

    Also, when I set the audio record section to "resample" and record audio which is clearly coming into the grey box and then press "write to disk" and save it as a wave or aiff file, for some reason the wav file won't play when I try to open it using Ableton Live or even a regular audo player. Its like the file is blank. What could this be?

    When pressing the "-" button instead of the "+" button it starts to read -1re.. , -2re.. , etc. Whats this all about?

  • Saving inputs and resamples isnt working for me, sad face.

  • Are you using Windows also? Is it saving a wave file that doesn't play any content like I described? What's also really dissappointing is not being able to set loop lengths or 3 of the pattern recorders above the number 11. All that shows up after 11 is ........

  • Hi guys.

    I've gone ahead and created a version of the mlrV docs on the monome wiki: http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=mlr:mlrv_documentation

    Keeping docs up to date is a big hassle, so I thought it'd be a good idea if we arranged things so that anyone can help out with this task. I think it'd be a good idea if this is the canonical documentation for current and future versions of mlrV.

    This document doesn't yet include any of the new functionality of the mlrV.rev3, so if you get your mlrV question answered on a forum post please take moment to edit the documentation so that this information is easy for others to find.

    Also: I think the docs would benefit from some screenshots to accompany the sections described (edit: added some).

  • Thanks for that!

  • bitbutter - that is a great idea and i really encourage people to add to / edit / take screenshots because it can be quite time consuming to have to make changes all the time, and i'd prefer to spend my time coding.

    @ everyone else:
    yes - there are some bugs, and for now i'm afraid they will remain - i will try and sort out some of these issues on the weekend.

  • @producer, no im on OS x. AIFFs dont have content.

    Also, If you change input on the Input (say from soundflower to input jack) it rerecords whatever input is selected, someones turning on all groups. When i change quantization all groups suddenly turn on sometimes and scare the crap out of me. Im not trying to bash, just letting you know. Im very thankful for what youve done!

  • am i somehow missing a way to get volume faders for groups 5 and 6?

  • They will appear if you put it into fullscreen mode.

  • Hello, I'm having some trouble getting MlrV to work. I have the newest version. For some reason files wont play and the app runs kind of laggy. At first the top right button would only blink while turning the dac off, but after a while it's constant. I've had other versions of MlrV work in the past. The groups light up, and the top right button blinks, but that's about it. Pressing the corresponding group files doesn't start playback. I'm pretty sure i have everything setup correctly. At least following the the new MlrV docs page.. Any help is appreciated. Using a 256 with a mac.

  • thanks dovemouse. they don't appear in fullscreen mode either.

  • i just got my 256 back! so now i am playing with this is there a reason for this gui error ? check the attached image. it stays the same when i make it fullscreen aswell.

    1032 x 749 - 272K
  • i can confirm the same error error as goiks and kero. winxp. UI looks like kero's screenshot in fullscreen mode.

  • I get that same gui error from time to time using my 256, OSX 10.5.5.

  • that GUI error is caused because you haven't selected your monome size in the bottom right.

    as to not showing grups 5 and 6, i guess it is some problem in scripting that occurs in Winxp and not osx. if this is the case, i'm afraid i have no windows machine to check it / test it on.

    please post as much info as possible regarding your particular problems.

    ***NOTE: also the GUI error where rows 8-15 are shown behind the first 7 groups will happen if you have selected a monome w/ all 15 rows. currently i have not programmed the fullscreen fitting for the 15 rows option. it should work correctly in both 7 and 15 rows mode in the window though.

  • sorry about the lack of info. - i'm not showing volume for groups 5 and 6 on a g4 powerbook, osx (current), m128-005.

  • when i start up the app, things look OK. when i hit fullscreen it gets crazy and things overlap. then when i hit "window" again it looks even crazier.


  • yea same here. back to the OG mlr , lol...

  • I'm using the 128 with xp and its not possible to make correct settings in 3 of the pattern record dials or input/resample section, because numbers above 11 don't display and end up showing only dots .... Does anyone know how to fix this or how to make correct settings another way? If not, whats the next best MLR version to use?

  • i'm sorry about the font issue - i am considering redesigning with a font that is standard on both mac and windows (i didn't realise the conflict previously). note that you can always click once and type in the desired number even if it doesn't display.

    does reselecting your monome in the monome-chooser after returning to windowed mode help? i did find this in testing but it seems to be a problem with max not getting the settings right everytime it changes fullscreen to windowed mode.

    have you hit the '6 groups' button? the extra faders are instantiated only when you press the 6 groups button because they chew extra CPU cycles even when not used.

  • it wasn't a max bug as much as it was me being thick and thinking the selector was on the tilt screen. i see the graphic now.

    the font is definitely a little too big on windows. i will help you test this for UI issues if you want but i only have the max runtime. i'm going to be less available the next week or so but will be able to check stuff out periodically.

  • any hope on a gui fix? maybe decrease font size or make rows thinner?

  • i figure if a GUI fix is really in order it's better to just pick a different font altogether where what i see when i'm coding is the same on both mac and pc.

    any suggestions on similar fonts that are standard across both packages would be welcomed.

  • bitstream vera sans could work. maybe an open source font like that could be included as part of the download package.



  • yep, thats with the 6 groups engaged. i have access to 6 groups but only 4 volume faders. i'll try on my other mac.

    thanks, enjoi!

  • The 2 other faders are only in fullscreen mode. I didn't noticed at first too...

  • thanks for the suggestion vasculator! i had never fully appreciated the for profit nature of almost all typefaces that we see today. i had a look at those sites and i quite like bitstream vera and MgOpenModata, though I will mull it over for a while.

    it may however be a better idea to use a font that comes default installed on windows and mac (MaxMSP only runs in these environments) as this requires one less step to get mlrV up and running. i really like the idea of using more open-source materials, but when all users of the software already own a commercial license to use the fonts installed on their systems, i see no need to force them to use an open-source font.

    on that note, does anyone have a reliable list of fonts included on both platforms?

  • thanks chapelier, but again, that is in fullscreen mode as i mentioned in the previous post.