How to integrate (powered?) USB hub

  • At the moment i'm building a 8x16 grid. As there are 2 USB connections and i want only one. Therefore i should build in a USB hub. Should this be a powered one? And what the best and easiest way to do this.

    Any help is highly appreciated

  • it *must* be powered.

    just throw it in the same case as the two logic boards. you could strip off the housing, etc.

  • It probably should be a powered hub, if all 128 LEDs are on, you'll likely be drawing more current than bus-powered USB specs out to.

    The easiest way would be to buy the smallest powered hub you can find, along with some short USB patch cables, and allow room for all this inside your case, potentially with some duct tape to hold it all together.

  • Thanks for quick and helpfull answering!

  • please do share what hub you find and settle on...i'm thinking about making a new enclosure for my 8x16, with a usb hub and knobs. if i find a good one i'll post it here as well. i haven't come across a 2-port powered hub (most are 4-7 ports), but i haven't looked that hard.

    now how about those nice aluminum usb/power plates on the 256, got any rejects you want to get rid of tehn?:)

  • no, but those should super super cheap to get made at bigbluesaw or the like.

  • I have bought a small 4ports hub at (ACROX USB 2.0 METAL-DESIGN-HUB 4PORTS Ordernr.: 997987 - 89 )
    It small in size (smaller than a credit card!) and powered :)
    I'm thinking of putting one of those free USB ports left in the front panel, having an extra easy accesible USB port to my PC


    is this the one you got? i'm thinking of getting one for traveling with my equipment. something i might permanently attach to the pedal board/rack i have envisioned.

  • No not the same model see at the link below

    BTW I haven't used it yet as I stil have to build my second 8x8 grid :)

    I think it's extremely small (like 4x2 keys of the monome's grid) so building in shouldn't be a problem.

  • hmm doesn't say its powered at least not on that site. :/

  • Yup.. it's powered (although optionally)
    Looks like a flexible product... Link below:


    • Connect up to four USB2.0 / USB1.1 / USB1.0 devices.
    • Speeds supported: 480Mbps, 12Mbps and 1.5Mbps.
    • Hot swappable, connect and remove peripherals any time.
    • Use both USB connectors of Power cable to increase power for your connected equipment from 500mA to 1000mA.
    • Power Supply( Optional ) USB Power Cable or 5V / 2.0A Switching Power Adaptor.

  • I've recently completed my 128/2*40h kits and have so far ran it with 2 usb cables.

    For the first time today I tried it with a powered USB hub (D-Link, about 6 years old)... but when I plugged it into my mac it complained about a USB device drawing too much power, I couldn't see anything in monoserial.

    Took the hub out of the equation and everything works ok... any tips on what the specification of the hub should be?

  • did you plug in the power supply for the hub?

  • also, some hubs are picky about which ports they power. my belkin hub suggests that i put the most power hungry devices on the first two ports.

  • Good call Kevin. I just tried it again and it indeed does work fine if I use the first two numbered ports... which bizarrely are numbered right to left.. go figure ;)