Ableton Live 8 available

  • @tocsin
    what? ...

    wait. i think that, in around 14 days, you are going to be a sad panda.

  • the beta is available again!

  • curious who on here was able to get in for the 8 beta and how it feels compared to 7?

  • i downloaded the beta but haven't really looked at it yet. at first glance...nothing special but i haven't looked at the groove stuff. i'm really more excited about max for live tbh.

  • collider is nice.
    as for everything else, i didn't get too deep into it but it seemed pretty similar.

  • can we change the name of this thread?

  • i agree.

    this thread title has faked me out a couple of times now.. =(

  • @griotspeak
    i concur. change the thread name before someone gets hurt.

    the new version has a lot of improvements, some large (collider, operator, the new warping engine (which is a bit weird to get used to but impossible to give up once understood)), some small (workspace, copying, etc.). i love it. ableton may be an evil corporation, but they almost never fail to deliver.

  • I think Live is a great program.

    The upgrade price for Live is what? $129-$159? Seems like a small price to pay (even once a year). I've paid more for VSTs, I've seen guitars that go for $7500. I paid $500 for a monome. I'm not sure it's such a bad deal.

  • "@griotspeak
    i concur. change the thread name before someone gets hurt."


  • I got an email off ableton saying i had qualified for live 8 beta, so i went and downloaded it, it installed fine but then i started getting weird noises when i opened sessions in it and some samples where acting very weird playing double speed and making clicking sounds. it was odd, it only lasted like 4 days and i was busy those days so i never really got a chance to mess around with it.

  • I hear they did not fix their midi clock generator, but
    Did they allow VSTs to run in rewire slave mode by any chance?
    its not as limit of vsts, FL studio can do it. (but not so well with molar)

  • On createdigitalmusic:

    The wait is over! (nearly)

  • waiting on the site now.

  • Order placed.

  • WOOT !

    And I was able to apply my $150 credit from my pre xmas purchase of 7.

    So I got Suite Upgrade for $80, can't wait to explore.

  • so... is there any reason to upgrade now (i'm on a 128 and i like the new sevenup) and i'm worried of compatibility issues with live 8. thoughts?

  • No compat issues. I've been using the Beta and working on new SevenUpFeatures. Works great!

    So far all new SevenUp stuff will still work with 7, although that may change when Max4Live is released, but that's a ways off still.

  • whew.
    the danger is passed. it's finally out and this thread is no longer misleading. although i did get really angry when i first clicked on it and realized it was "this" thread.

  • Ehhm, I'm very sorry guys for this initial misleading thread title !!

    Finally it is really available now instead of being anounced only (which is the word I should have been using in the initial thread title). Yesterday I upgraded to Suite 8 Box .. waiting for it to be delivered now ...

  • Here's a question that the Ableton forums don't seem to be able to answer very the boxed version (which has the EIC2 and Session Drums instruments) worth the extra $60 versus the download-only version without them?

  • One thing to consider - I bought the straight Live 8 upgrade and considered the suite upgrade which was only about £100 more but didn't go for it, thinking I could do a similar upgrade later. It will now cost £500 for the Suite so it's worth thinking hard about whether or not you want Suite as well before you upgrade.

  • From what I can see Suite gets you 7 - 8 + Collison and Latin Perc. everything else is the same.

  • and the boxed versions come with...

    "440 MB of abstract, experimental loops from renowned music software pioneers Cycling '74
    Over 400 loops and samples from Zero-G"

  • i currently have a license for Live 7 & Sampler (which could have been improved too :() and i have a offer for upgrading to the suite for 279 €. I´d get all virtual instruments, the drum machines and latin percussion compared to 149€ for live 8 only. This teases me hard, they cut down nearly 600 €.

  • ohh and....

    "Please note that boxed upgrades don't include the EIC because if you're upgrading, we assume you already have it. Please contact our Customer Care Team if this creates a problem for you."

  • @herreinholt do it. Operator is awesome and I'm becoming a big fan of Tension.

  • The one thing that is a bit of a letdown for me is Looper. Maybe I'm just not totally getting it, but definitely not fully baked yet.

    1. You can overdub, but I'd rather just be able to keep capturing a bunch of takes.
    2. You have to use the mouse to drag the loop into a clip or anywhere else.
    3. You can't midi map the loop slices.

    Maybe Max4Live will be able to do something else with it, but for me it doesn't really improve that much on just capturing a clip.

  • No overdub? Hm....

  • 3. You can't midi map the loop slices.

    bummer, this could have been cool for SevenUp :(

  • Luckily we discovered something even better. ;)

  • glad to hear!

  • i am looking forward to use a even
    better 7up with ableton live 8 !