edison - tour

  • alright homies!
    so im leaving for europe tonight/////!
    (sting!........no sting backs!)
    unfortunately.... i have pretty limited details on shows.....
    ill post what i got......
    (what can i say..... im the doer not the planner)
    and i hope to meet as many of you fine folks as possible!!!!

    heres the undetailed run down so far.....
    need more details?
    its like they say..... F.G.I.
    (fuckin google it!) hahaha

    04/09/09 avatarium festival
    st etienne,

    04/10/2009 la lune des pirates - pierre the motionless CD release party!

    04/11/2009 08:00 PM - le bar ouf
    le mans,

    04/15/2009 08:00 PM - the sound bar

    04/17/2009 08:00 PM - scharni38

    04/18/2009 08:00 PM - etage

    04/19/09 -haus mainusch
    VORTRAG: "Antifa und M

  • oh. my. god.

  • Jealous I can't witness this! When are you coming to Canada? ....east

  • WHERE BROOKLYN AT?!?!?! hahahaha ;) good luck dood!!

  • Good luck man, knock 'em dead!

  • the world will surely be a better place after this tour...make sure to make your runs through the home state too! ;)

    good luck brov!

  • You're gonna be huge. Good luck! Take lots of pics and sounds.

  • Dude, Australia man, you can sleep on my couch :D

  • Have a blast dude.

  • ahh what... you must be soooo pumped

  • where's the UK man?!
    ahhh shucks.
    knock 'em dead edison!

  • heyhey!!!
    thanks you all!

    @ dove..... i know!
    ive always wanted to do london or sumthin....
    like i said .... im a tag-along on this shit!

    @jam..... australia!!! im down!!!
    maybe soon stay tuned!

    @rent...... you rule brother!

    @sim...... keep reppin it homie! ill be through....... i might be that guy on your couch son!!! haha

    @eimhin..... east canada!? im doing a project with a dude from london canada.... i have no idea where that is..... but... there will be more tours!!!!! hass!!!!! sting!!!!!!
    peace homies....
    thanks for the love....
    and if you can...... come through and introduce yourself!!!!
    much respect

  • good luck man and yeah, keep me posted. I book shows down here so hit me up :D

  • damn man you come to france and we dont know it!!! i could have organised some stuff down here in toulouse and bordeaux!! tssss!! there's a lot of folks down here who 'd have been down with your project!!
    do you plan to come back soon? if so i can arrange some more stuff in paris toulouse and bordeaux...

  • Congrats on the tour, man! Tear 'em up!

  • and i used to joke about edison's world tour...

    eat some snails for me!

  • Well you've got a couch in Ireland should you need it. good luck.

  • Hi edison, nice tour!
    I'll try to come and see you in paris,


  • Hey man congrats on the tour !
    I will try to come to Mainz to meet you, its 100 miles away from me !!!

    see ya,

  • damnnnn... wish there was a london date on that list!!!

  • hey every one!
    just finished the first show....
    this place is AMAZING!!!!!
    @ human.....
    yea..... it looks like september 2010 ...
    we'll be here!
    come meet up one of the dates this time if you can!

    everyone else...
    much love....
    without you guys....
    i would not be here....!
    ill keep you updated!
    pics comin!

  • Cheers for update edison.
    Glad its going well :)

  • Coool stuff! How about Italy? Any plans for the summer?

  • bump!
    checking in with you cats!
    how is everyone....?
    internet is scarce
    just made it to berlin today....
    3 shows left and im heading home...
    come out if you can!

    @AA..... no plans for the summer yet.....
    i think i need to take my lady lady on a little vacation before the next tour session
    ill keep you posted though!

    peaces ya


    you better be taking pictures...

  • this is gonna be awesome.

  • Yeah edison !

    all the best wishes for your show today. I'm looking forward to see you on sunday (04/19/09) at 'haus mainusch' in mainz. Couldn't beleive you'll be giggin just about 150km away from my hometown! I'm hoping so much that I can make it. Do you know when I have to be there to not miss your show ?

    keep on doin' your thing, you rock !!!

  • i can't believe you havent made it to the uk, so close and yet so far!

    you need to headline the next tour, then you can make the plans to come here...

    hope you're having an awesome time rocking it with our cousins on the mainland

  • I hope you enjoy the tour !

    @shufflebug: I will come to Mainz too, its 150km away from me too !
    On myspace page from 'haus mainusch' is noticed, that the show will begin at 20.00, but I'm not sure...

    @ edison: do you have any information about this gig in Mainz ?

    All the best,

  • a friendly reminder to all the people in halle and mainz:
    do not miss this awesome shit. simply don’t
    beastmaster, babel fishh and edison will rip you apart and are really nice fellas, btw.

    @ occular
    da stand heute auch was von um 9, aber angefangen hats erst halb elf von daher würde ich mir hinten raus nichts vornehmen

  • yo homies!
    thanks for the kindness
    i only have a second
    so for tonight
    the past 2 shows have been very late night affairs
    i think! from what ive heard this will be too
    but i have been supprised EVERYTIME i walked in to venues here
    so unfortunately .....
    no data
    peace yall

  • yo homies....
    back home and loving europe...
    pics here...
    no video yet..... but it will be here soon!
    big ups to robb and occular for coming to chill...!
    monome for life!

  • ahhhhhh nice yo! glad you had fun. i gotta do that as well...hit the world! haha good shit man, welcome back home ;)

  • yes, it was really nice to meet you in mainz ;-)
    great pieces on the CD you gave me !

    btw, here is my stuff I've told about:

    Peace !

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