Machine Collective group buy Australia.

  • any news people? lets get this show on the road

  • I'm down for a 128 arduinome faceplate, which'll be using bibo's 8x8 keypads on them, and I'll know this arvo about another 128 faceplate, using 4x4 sparkfuns.

    So you can definitely add one 128 to the total. I'll post back tonight about the second one.

    @frogstar - Hmm, what are these spacers you are talking about?

    edit: also, apologies for being vague about whether I was in or out before - I was just sizing up options.

  • @danstork - considering the fact that XNDR is putting effort into making faceplates compatible with bibo's keypads, then I expect to be jumping back on board with the group buy - of course I hoping to hear a bit more from XNDR about how that's going to work out. Assuming it's all good, then I'll probably be down for a 128 - there seems to be some particular challenges around building a 128 with bibo's boards so I want to see how that goes too - it might just push me back to building two modular 64s.

    @chromoose - the spacers sit between the mounting plate and the top plate - they make the overall faceplate a bit thicker (from 6mm to 8mm AFAIK), which can be good for improving the action of the Sparkfun buttons (too thin and the buttons wobble around and don't make a good connection with the board).

  • current order:

    danstork - 1x arduinome full enclosure + spacer
    frogstar - 1x 128 faceplate + spacer (?)
    jampola - 1x 40h enclosure
    pat_00 - 1x 128 faceplate
    halex - 1 x arduinome enclosure
    chromoose - 1 x 128 faceplate for bibo keypads (possibly second one)

    @frogstar try dropping XNDR an email with the postscript files for the boards, i doubt it will cost any different as it is just the mounting holes that change positions (correct me if im wrong).

  • @danstork - there's already lots of progress being made on the adjusted faceplate - bibo and XNDR are in direct contact, design files have been sent and there's some 8x8 boards being sent to XNDR for testing. not much for me to add at this stage.

    bibo will be away until at least Thursday, so boards probably won't reach XNDR til after that, and then I think XNDR will need some time to confirm the adjustment.

    I'm very impressed with everyone's effort to sort out the issues with matching bibo boards and machine collective faceplates - I know you're keen to get the order under way - just note that we might have to be patient while it gets sorted.

    The relevant thread is here:

  • hey guys, I'm using bibo's pads too.

    I'll definitely take a 40h spacer, not 100% yet on the 128 arduinome faceplate though.

    Are there any prices floating around?

    Also does anyone have CAD files for the arduinome 128? I have a lead on a local manufacturer, but they need a CAD file to quote me.

  • @frogstar sounds good, im more than happy to wait...damn car rego! haha

  • Cool, maybe i think i might be able to get a decent deal as i'm getting a few MB808 faces made at the same place. I'll let you guys know via gmail when i hear back.

  • Local quotes in Sydney run at about $150-$160 Australian for an 8mm Aluminum 128 plate. That is only with the buttons holes, with no drilling/tapping and not including material.

    I've got about 3 quotes now, and they are all about that.

  • let me know how you decide! asap over eager haha

  • Yeesh, that's pricey. Unfortunately the place I've asked need CAD file, not pdfs to quote. I will ask XNDR for a copy of his, not sure if he'll give it out but it's worth a try.

    I should let you guys know that i'm pretty busy, so gmail is the best way to get in touch with me.

  • also, does anyone have xndr's email?

  • OK, if this hasn't gone through, I'm definitely in for a 128. This is for a second faceplate that chromoose tentatively put my name down for before, just thought I should clarify. Sweet deals!

  • So we are waiting on the 8x8's to get to xndr for testing? Is that where we are at?

  • I already shipped a couple of faceplates for the 8x8 pcb's, I'm pretty sure it will work fine since I tested it with an acrylic replica of the PCB (based on the original PCB artwork).

    I'll get to work on the Arduinome 128 faceplate for bibo's 8x8 pcb's.

    @danstork: it would be great if you can compile a list with each users order. Don't forget to specify if you're using 4x4 or 8x8 PCB's.

  • Everyone still keen on this? @danstork, did you still want to run the show?

  • sorry i have been all over the shop recently, im swamped at work and uni.

    if everyone could whisper me their orders ill compile it all and get it over to XNDR and get a quote happening!

  • bump....

    have we still got critical mass for this gb? I'm in for a 128 faceplate (for bibo PCBs) - XNDR has done everyone a service by updating his faceplate design to suit bibo's PCB's, so am keen to support him...

  • ok so the order is

    frogstar - 128 faceplate (bibo boards)
    chromoose - 128 faceplate (sparkfun using bibos 8x8) -- White Satin
    dougw - 128 faceplate (sparkfun 4x4) -- White Satin.
    danstork - regular arduinome sparkfun enclosure

    have i missed anyone. can people please confirm would like to get this moving...

  • @danstork

    confirming my order - 128 arduinome faceplate (to fit 2 8x8 bibo boards) - white satin. this is item # 22 on the machine collective order form. + a top panel spacer for 128 - not on the order form but previously XNDR said he could do one for Euro 21.50.

    I'll whisper my contact details to you - I'm going to be O/S from Sunday, so we'll need to stay in touch to organise $$, etc.

  • @danstork: I sent you the final details on the group buy, please check your mail.

    @frogstar: thanks for the update. Danstork will contact you about payment and pricing.

    Thanks guys!

  • Woooo.

    This is exciting.

    Has it all been finalised?

    If not, depending on price, (ie, if they are sub $20 each) can you add spacers for me and dougw?

  • "frogstar - 128 faceplate (8x8) white satin + spacer = 75 + 21,50 = 96,50
    chromoose - 128 faceplate (8x8) White Satin = 75
    dougw - 128 faceplate (4x4x4) White Satin = 75
    danstork - regular arduinome sparkfun enclosure (4x4x4) + spacer = 100 + 12,50 = 112,50

    All items will be individually wrapped, labelled with nicknames and shipped together in a large box. Shipping fee is 36,50, less 50% = 15,75 for the entire order, insured up to 146 euros. All prices in euros. Please let me know if this is the final order, so I can send you a paypal invoice." - XNDR (machine collective)

    This is the order as it stands, is this ok with everyone?

  • @chromoose: 128 spacers are a bit more expensive since they're twice the size of a 64 spacer. Prices are listed above, please ask danstork if you would like to add them to your order.

    I think we're almost good to go...

    @danstork: Can you contact everyone with your payment details? I think it's best if you collect the funds by bank transfer to prevent double paypal fees.

    Don't forget to gather shipping addresses and calculate cost for local redistribution (packaging + shipping costs within Australia).

    I'll send you a final paypal invoice for the amount in euros, I'll cover the currency exchange fees and paypal fees.

  • Any progress on this danstork?

  • sorry dude uni exams. will place the order with the added spacers next week :)

  • howdy all - shall we breathe some life back into this group buy, or is everyone sorted already? danstork - am happy to lend a hand with logistics if that's a help...

  • I'm still keen :)

  • I'm also still in!

  • Just the three of us then?

    Did we want to get on this? Let's make it happen.

  • hmm - I'll try checking with pat - I know he just picked up his sparkfun buttons, so perhaps he's still after a faceplate. seemed like the original number of participants was 5... with pat that would be 4 .... danstork are you still alive???? since you started this group buy, it would be a shame for you to miss out...

  • Hmmm...I just put through an order for a full arduino (bibo+sparkfun) enclosure kit from machinecollective but I have yet to receive confirmation and a payment request.

    I wonder if I could get my order bundled in with you guys for some savings for everyone. Canberra Australia here.

    My order number is 124956952864927100. Is this possible?

  • hey WytRaven - good suggestion - I'm sure XNDR would be cool with that - drop him a line asap. ask him if he prefers for each individual to place their order and then just club the shipping together - or whether he wants to just a single order from one person (whom we then all transfer funds to).

    Speaking of shipping - where is everyone? I'm in Melbourne, chromoose is Sydney, WytRaven is Canberra - dougW where are you?
    if we're clubbing the order together to save shipping, we need to decide where the bulk order will arrive, and allow for postage to other destinations.

    I've checked with Pat - he's opting out - so unless danstork jumps back online sometime soon, I think all we have are the following:

    frogstar - 128 faceplate (bibo boards)
    chromoose - 128 faceplate (sparkfun using bibos 8x8) -- White Satin
    dougw - 128 faceplate (sparkfun 4x4) -- White Satin.
    WytRaven - already placed order

  • hey sorry for being so slack, i may still be in. how much are we looking at here?

  • As I don't know xndr's email address I sent an email to orders at and pointed him back to this thread. Let's hope he responds.

  • danstork! glad to have you back!

    don't think any pricing has change - you had done all the initial negotiation with XNDR, so I'm hoping that is all still valid - the only change is WytRaven has already placed an order and is coordinating with XNDR to bundle together with the rest of us for shipping.

    Can you confirm what arrangements should be made for payment - should we each just place an order with XNDR and note that we're part of the australian group buy? There's a bit of a group buy discount though, right? so ordering individually through the website would complicate that...

  • For the record, DougW is in sydney, he's near me.

  • No response from xndr at all yet :/

  • im in brisbane, and still keen. email me at if i dont respond, sorry i dont use the net all that much

  • Still no response from xndr so I am going cancel my order and look into other options.