NEW! SevenUpLive v1.1 Video Getting Started

  • [edit] Two new tutorials

    Getting Started - watch first

    Looping Tutorial

    There is just too much stuff in the new 1.1 release to grock from documentation alone.

    Here is the first in hopefully a series of Video Tutorials.

    If you've been thinking about using SevenUp, but don't want to spend the time or you are already an expert, I promise you will learn something from this video. Starts slow but ramps up.

    The second half is dedicated to Advanced Looping using Sampler. Also in depth into HIT mode.

    I forgot to explain Adam's favorite mode "Slice" so I apologize for that, but try it and you will instantly understand.

    [edit] If you want to grock slice mode, check out Adam's excellent track.

  • Why have you forsaken slice mode!!! awesome job man, I learned a lot A+++

  • intense. I'm liking the looks of the upgraded looping. great stuff and thanks for all the hard work.

  • New template for the tutorial with better samples from makingthenoise is here.

  • Anyone want to vote for a new tutorial topic? I wish we could do polls on this forum.

    Here are some candidates.

    - Basic Setup and Getting Started
    - Drums, fills, beats
    - Loop consolidation, BPMs, Grooves, and Resampling
    - Transitions - Making 7up and Live work together to make the big picture.
    - Live Template Tutorial - modding and customizing your 7up template and mappings

    For new users, I'm not sure what you guys need most. Are you getting stuck and frustrated? Are you intimidated by perceived complexity. What is going to help more people get their 7up mojo on?


  • just basic understanding of everything, I think. like I've mentioned before, I'm very new to monome, but somehow we found (monome, and myself) each other. therefore, I'm willing and have a desire to break away from my inner struggles and compose phat beats. let the walls down. for i have taken a peek at the more recent vimeo looping tutorial 1.1., but still find myself confused.
    I would fall under basic setup and getting started.
    very frustrated as i don't even have my monome let, but reading the boards and or email peeps daily. anyway, thanks, for your time.

  • thanks bar|none, really nice job. i'm now finding it irresistible to dive in, i can really use this, and can't wait to see what you do with volta. cv loops? regarding tutorial topics, i vote for all of them, but it seems like the basics would be very useful to many.

  • Basic Setup and Getting Started

    when i look at the text file i glaze over. Haven't even installed this yet. Will if it is simple to get started. :)

  • Ok, guys, Basics is the next one then. My stupid webcam stopped talking to my capture software though. I'll get it sorted soon hopefully.

  • I second (third?) "Basic Setup and Getting Started".

    I've been meeting to dive into SUL for a while now, but like t1mp, I start looking at the docs and then lose my focus. Even though it seems like exactly how I need to start putting my monome to use.

  • yea, i agree this would be awesome to use for live and whatnot. but i start to lose it adhd style just reading the docs.

  • @ bar
    many thanks, brother.
    see you on the mother ship.

  • Sorry to hear that people find the documentation overwhelming.

    In reality, if you read these 2 sections, you have everything you need to start messing around and learning it on your own:
    (and maybe the first part of this section: )

    There are 8 modes in 7up so the next step would be to go mode-by-mode and play around and read the corresponding section of the documentation if you want to dive in more.

  • Hey,

    @makingthenoise / bar|none:
    One thing you could do to make 'getting into' 7up less of an obstacle is to simply design the webpage for it a bit differently. The "All info on one page" approach to design may be simpler to manage from your end, but from a new user's perspective...that's a massive load of information all at once and lots of people will just take one look and flee. If you came up with a nice simple navigation system and split the information into separate pages it would be much less intimidating.

    Or you could just make a new 'main page' with only the bare essentials for getting it going and then link to the current page...blunt a bit of the information overload. (which will only get worse as the application develops and more features are added)

    Anyways, I think that 7up is really starting to mature so paying attention to this sort of thing would be time well invested.


  • I personally think you did a great job on the documentation. Thanks again for this unbeleivable app.

  • It's really good to get users impressions because sometimes we have no idea where people get frustrated or stuck or whatever. Getting Started Video Tutorial on the way. I think this will help.

    We'll call it SevenUpTV. I hope we get picked up by the networks. ;)

  • Ok, new Tutorial is burning as we speak.

    "Basic Setup, Getting Started and Loop Consolidation"

  • @goiks
    >and can't wait to see what you do with volta. cv loops?
    Yeah Volta didn't arrive today ;)
    Maybe Monday.

    This has been my cunning plan all along. Lure Adam into thinking everything is normal, then unleashing the modular control features.

    It's gonna rule for sure! hehe.

    [shit] I'm nackered. Need some food. Long work week and lots of music shit at night.

  • NEW! Getting Started Tutorial.

    Start your weekend with a little sugar, 0 caffeine...So add as necessary.

  • great work, it's very understandable, thanks a lot!
    for mac support too!
    think i'm going able now to get much deeper into 7up like my first fragile steps of the last days.

  • hmmm...ok I take back what I said before...Just link to this video (and others) on the site and your golden.

    great little intro

  • i truely love 7up!!!! Thank you so much! OPEN SOURCE for live...

  • Nice! Thanks for reporting back.