loop sampling

  • has anyone programmed something to assign a row of buttons into layres of loop sampling?

  • what you mean?

  • blitz is a sample playback application. It uses all 64 pads on the 40h. You have the ability switch the sample from one hits to loops.


  • do you mean something that records loops?

    blitz is only for playback.

    i've had an idea for a program for about a year now, and i've even started to program it, but it got way too unweildly for max, so i put it on the backburner and haven't touched the code for a while.

    i still would like to program it, however, i'm not exactly sure how.

    the idea is that each column of a 40h is one channel. each channel has a record button, an overdub button, and 6 "layers"

    you can record layers sequentially by hitting the record button a bunch of times, or you can assign a specific group of layers to be recorded.

    once layers have been recorded to, you can activate them with the buttons in that column, or arrange them in interesting configurations.

    i have been thinking of doing this in ChucK lately too.

    time is not my friend right now though...