Faceplate finishes

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone now any surface treatment which will leave aluminum pure white? I've not come across any anodising companies which offer this so I'm guessing it's perhaps not possible that way.

    I'm not keen on painting it as I want something that will be very hardwearing.. I guess some kind of plastic coating might be possible?


  • You'll have to go with powdercoating.. The powder is heated in an oven and will change to a very hard en durable coating. Just like Tehn did with the 40hse: http://monome.org/articles/2007/06/05/40hse/

  • I had my 40h faceplate powdercoated jet black, and it turned out really nice looking.


    not only was it well done, but it was pretty cheap. around 20 bucks, i think.

    there used to be a thread about it with some pics somewhere....

    here it is: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=50&page=1#Item_12

    It is really worth doing. You can get all sorts of colors, and textures, or special things, like glow-in-the-dark.

  • cheers fellars, I'd never seen the 40hse!

  • So I'm sitting looking at my nord modular G2... Is that a powdercoated finish does anyone know?

    I had thought about getting my faceplate engraved, but I guess powdercoating isn't really going to be too compatible with fine engraved details :)

    In which case does anyone know about the options for putting markings and text onto a powdercoated surface.

  • silkscreening.

    that's how pretty much all of your durable front panel graphics are put onto equipment. some people use decals but it never looks that great.

  • Silkscreening is the best method, if you like you can do it at home.
    Well, if you are doing small runs or just one it's not worth doing it through a company as most of the time one print cost the same as 20.
    I have used the products from http://www.ezscreenprint.com/
    their prices are quite nice and the quality is good and the best thing is that you don't have to mess with chemicals and where to find the required space for exposing and cleaning the screens.

    For panel graphics and laying fonts no smaller then 12p you can use the Hi-Res
    mesh they sell, you can check costumers samples on the site.
    You can check a few WSG's I have screened this way on my flickr account

    Best regards,

  • Some people might not know what WSG stands for. WSG = Weird Sound Generator!

    I want to build one of those and one of his soundlabs, yours looks fantastic I love the lines that look like they'll connect but don't and the bug splatter. Did you leave it on the hood of your car? heh

  • Hey asaf they look great, do you have any hi-res photos I could check out?

    The only problem in the UK that I can see is access to sunlight ;)

  • monobass, Unfortunately my digital camera broke down 3 month ago and I really don't have any money right now to buy a new one so I'm taking photos with my miniDv cam so... no option for a Hi-res photos right now.

  • hey no worries, thanks anyway.

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  • Thanks, SpamBot.

    Now I want to powder-coat everything!