monome slider tutorial

  • So i was able to get audio and a seperate vid window of the monome. So you can see it all and have it explained. I think I can do higher res, but that will be for the next one. So here is how to setup slide and see it in action.

  • Hey Tim,

    Very nice tutorial. Out of curiosity, pardon my ignorance, but how does midi slide differ from regular slide. So far I've had no luck using regular slide. I shall now try midi slide.

    Thanks for the video and keep it up!

  • really nice work! i'll add you videos to the tutorial section.

  • looks great! multiple windows is very helpful. what program do you use to screencast?

    and a quick question>>
    have i been pronouncing monome & ableton wrong this whole time?? lol.

    mon-o-me as in rhymes with non-low-fee?
    or mon-ome as in rhymes with gone-home?

    ableton>>> scrabble nun?
    ableton>>> table fun?

  • lol, i dunno, i just pronounce it how i see it. *shrugs shoulders*, I could be way off :) I just thought it was pronounced monome like mono(audio term) and me(as in you) cause of working with audio and stuff.

    I use a prog. called iShowU to capture the screen. I am trying to fiddle with the options to get it maybe to do a lil smaller screen, higher res, and then it will follow my mouse. Learning curve :(

    @tehn- sweet!

    @jacobian- i always thought there was only one slide?

  • i think its mon ome

    n. 1. (Math.) A monomial.

    as in single.

    or could be worng. lol

    and yeh - midi slide - its it in base patches or soemwhere i cant see ?

  • nice work! post some more soon. i also cracked up about Abbletone, sorry.

    from what i've heard Snapz Pro X is great for video screen captures. i believe you can make selections of whatever size you want or have it capture just single window. it's part of the current $49 macheist bundle along with a ton of other cool stuff (

  • @arctic- it is in base patches 4.4, it will be the one with a long name ending in 'slide 64'...and darn it, your explanation of the pronounciation kinda makes sense...wonder if tehn could tell how it should be pronounced, huh tehn could ya ? :)

    @mapmap- i am gonna check out that suggestion, thanks! the iShowU was cheap, only 20usd, so I figured it would be a good start. I like it, but want to show clearer on the screen capture, I'll keep fiddling with settings and check out your suggestion :) heheh abbletone!!! i am spazzy when it comes to talking and stuff, i was hearing myself and was like "oh, what a toolbox"...o well. :)

  • while we on thr talk

    is it 'or tek her'

    ? lol

  • hehehe, I have heard aurally:


  • I say "Mon-ome", "Able-ton", and "Or-tech-er"

    Although my 40h has been dubbed the Mo-Gnome.


  • @aes. I say "Mon-ome", "Able-ton", and "Or-tech-er"

    yeh me 2.

  • t1mp said "mapmap- i am gonna check out that suggestion, thanks!"

    yeah, it looks good. that macheist bundle is only good for two more days.

  • ok, i just bought it, and i am officially in love with istop, i did a lil stoppage music thing on my vimeo, should be uploaded you so much for a link to this!!!