Monome->Stribe Arduino Direct Connect

  • This question was raised on the stribe forum but not much action over there and I thought some people here might have a good answer.

    I have a 40h monome and 2 x stribe 1s. I was wondering what it would take to connect the stribes to the ADC ports, so that I could use the stribes with standard software meant for monomes that used the monomes ADC ports. I'd also like to still use the stribe with it's own firmware as an option, OR use it in default cursor mode connected to ADC inputs. Hopefully that makes sense.

    quoting xndr from the stribe forum > "Another solution would be to add an arduino(mini) to the mix. Use that board to control all the stribe stuff and use the stribe kit as a standalone analog potentiometer (with awesome led feedback). You can use analogOut (pwm) from the arduino to the monome ADC input. With this option you don't have to reprogram the monome firmware and you don't have to use a JTAG programmer."

    I see 6 PWM ports on my arduino. Can I just run a wire from the PWM port on the arduino to the ADC input on the 40h?

  • Theoretically this should work, but I'm no Einstein ;-)

    I'm not really sure if the analog inputs can deal with the PWM signal correctly.. A small capacitor could solve this problem (as it's sometimes used to remove jitter from potentiometer outputs).

    A nicer solution would probably be using an D/A converter (DAC):
    digital output from the Arduino to the DAC IC, analog output from the DAC IC to the ADC port of the monome...

  • I have to do something with my two as well.

    I'm almost at the point of reselling them off. After picking up the BCR2000 I don't really see much of need for them. I probably won't sell them though, because I know I'd regret it straight away.

  • stribes are freaking awesome... don't sell them jp...

    i am definitely interested in the solutions you guys come up with as i think that the stribes have enormous potential, but not a lot of software support.

  • I'm going to pick up a couple of stribe1 kits.. The monome + stribe combo looks like a lot of fun!

  • @xndr
    If you think of a good way to integrate them into a case, that would be awesome. Either the monome case itself or a separate one. I also can't figure out how to do a nice clean connection to the arduino.

    The stribe 1s themselves have a nice little enclosure, but the arduino does not and mine is in the sparkfun cardboard box it came in at the moment as a temporary case.

  • @Barnone: I made a "Stribe Light" concept a while ago, see attachment. I still have to discuss this project with Josh, but the idea is to hook up 8 softpots and 2 max7221 led drivers to an Arduino. This box will have only 128 leds (that's just 16 positions per slider), but it's a lot cheaper and easier to build. Ideally the leds won't be pressed in the acrylic but on a nice pcb.

    Unfortunately the Stribe1 PCB is too high for my enclosure design, so it I'm thinking about making an all acrylic box that can fit a Stribe1 + boarduino and a box for multiple stribes + Arduino Deumilanove..

    There are several options to make clean connections to Arduino:
    1. Drastic: desolder the headers from the Arduino:

    2. less drastic: use a pinheader and some heat shrink tubing to make a small connector that fits inside the arduino sockets.

    800 x 600 - 159K
    800 x 600 - 166K
    800 x 600 - 167K
  • @xndr
    >This box will have only 128 leds (that's just 16 positions per slider)
    Great idea. Why not allow the sliders to still send the full range of values, but only feedback 16 light positions as you say. I do think there is a lot of value in keeping the stribe matching the monome footprint for obvious reasons.

    >Unfortunately the Stribe1 PCB is too high for my enclosure design
    Too high or too long? The length seems a bit awkward next to a monome.

    >I'm thinking about making an all acrylic box that can fit a Stribe1 + boarduino and a box for multiple stribes + Arduino Deumilanove..

    That'd be killer. I'm using a Deumilanove already. The stribe 1 PCB is really long. Ideally having the arduino in a neat enclosure connected to the stribe 1s would I think be a good option. I find having the ribbon cable outside the enclosure is not ideal, especially since there is also one extra wire hanging out there.

  • >> ..allow the sliders to still send the full range of values, but only feedback 16 light positions..

    That's the idea. The softpot always returns values between 0-1023, it's just a firmware hack to address 16 leds per column in stead of the current 128.

    >> Too high or too long?

    Ehm... I meant too long.. maybe even a bit too high because there needs to be some space for the Arduino.. but maybe we can squeeze a mini underneath...

    I just mailed Curious Inventor with my request.. Hopefully they will be able to ship soon..

  • Hey xndr,
    That slider thing looks nice. Are the LEDs gonna be either on or off, or are you looking at having brightness settings so as you move between two "points" one gets dimmer and the other brighter.
    Might make it feel a bit nicer.
    I got my faceplate the other day btw, looks great :)

  • i suppose a pcb redesign could allow the regularly appointed stribes to fit in the enclosure?

    i am not sure... and that is a lot of work... with more wiring in the case...

  • @dovemouse: Thanks! The current idea is to use the "standard" led driver, a MAX7221. I made a protoPCB which allows easy prototyping with led matrices:

    The MAX7221 could be replaced by the TLC led driver (from the Octinct) in future versions.

    @BlackEdition: I'll look into this as soon as I have received my Stribe1 kit...

    Does anyone know where to get blue led bargraphs (or 10 segment led bars)?

    Edit: just found this:
    Group buy anyone? :-P

  • Hopefully when the arduinome ADC addon is properly released you could use this with a couple of hacks of the firmware to get the LEDs working.

    I have to say stribes are a little less elegant in comparison...

  • I'd be interested in Blue Led bar graphs. In fact I submitted an RFQ to a little while ago. Still haven't seen the quote back..

  • Here's the quote:

    P/N: LBG1000E3KB (high intensity blue)
    QTY; 50-99 (There is a 50 pc MOQ)
    PRICE: $4.00

    QTY: 100-499
    PRICE: $3.60/EA

    P/N: LBG1000R3B (standard intensity blue)
    QTY: 100-999 (There is a 100 pc MOQ)
    PRICE: $1.44/EA

    Delivery is 8 weeks o/s.

    Might be a little to long of a wait for me..

  • Out of interest, I'm very interested in working towards building an 8 x Stribe1 for combining with my DIY Monome project. I have been looking around for the PCB design for the modular Stribe but cannot find the PCB layout designs anywhere.

    Do they exist and can anyone send them to me in whatever CAD format they were drawn up in -- preferably in Eagle, Protel or even Gerber file format?

    Having studied the original stribe design I want to have the stribe1 design so that I can space each row according to my fingers... The original Stribe board is a little too cramped for my phat phingers.



  • Hi Josh, fox on the soundwidgets forum and and here are one and the same ;)

    I've had 16 fader boards made on a single sheet (might be 2 sheets x 8 faders) so I'll have a total of 16 faders to play with (And use them 13 x 1 Arduino) or 16 x 2 Arduinos! So with an Arduinome 128 and 64 just built I'll have my control surface bases well and truly covered... any queries during the Stribe build I'll ask on the soundwidgets forum. Looking forward to playing with your amazingly cool idea.

  • Cool, can't wait to see it! Keep in mind you will probably need external power (beyond the 5v USB power from the Arduino) to light up all those LEDs. I was well over spec with the original stribe prototype (16 columns x 64 = 1024 LEDs) but the computer treated it as a USB hub so it was able to handle the extra power requirements.

  • Here you are:

    I had a pair of boards containing 8 x Stribe1 boards made up using the CuriousInventor designs I have two so I am going for the 16 x fader approach for absolute coolness... They can stay on the board or be snapped off.

    I have not cased my Arduinome 128 and 64 yet as I want the Stribe and the Arduinome to go into matching CNC machined aluminium cases.

    I find the Arduinome is great for controlling on/off issues, directional movement, chops and triggering samples and so on but for things like opening up filter sweeps, fades, scratches, smooth transitions and parametric controls I personally found the 8 x button grid a little lo-rez (especially for fade ins and outs) -- I continually find myself reaching over to the laptop and do it by trackpad -- which is messy) so I see the Stribe and the Arduinome having a long and fruitful life together.

    Now I got my EP released and out the way over the solstice I can devote some time soldering up the DIL sockets -- all 256 of them!

    I ought to see if anyone wants a group buy... seeing as how well the Arduinome one went.

  • Build begins on the 16 stribe controller...

    The 3 x Arduinomes in the background show how well they will go together. A 128 + 64 and 16 Stribes will pretty much cover all my bases...

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