addding a stribe1 directly to a monome

  • hey lovely people..

    was trying to gauge if it was possible to directly add a stribe1 to a 40h setup ? eg. not using a microcontroller like an arduino ?? has anyone done this ?? is it possible ?? hit me up!

    vexkiddy xx

  • Doh! precaffeinated me... ignore the following :)

  • here's a page with the Arduino wiring how to:

  • The stribe uses a microcontroller to light up the LEDs. You could quite easily attach the touch-strip sensor to one of the available ADCs in the monome, but you'd need to somehow add the stribe firmware to the monome firmware to run the LEDs. The monome 40h uses an ATMEGA8 microcontroller, and I'm not sure how much memory is on there, but it could very well be possible to add some code to at least create a basic cursor on the stribe. This is one of those experiments that's been on my back-burner for a while, now. If anyone has ideas on this please pipe in.