new stribe goodies

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  • Nice! Now I'm tempted to build some Stribes...

  • The shield is nice, been waiting for one of those, I'm not sure about the cases though seems like a huge waste of space, unless they're expecting people to add a bunch of encoders or something.

  • I just ordered both. I've had my stribe guts in a cardboard box for awhile now waiting for a case solution. This shield was really needed. I'm very happy they came out with it.

    I am planning a bleepnome style mashup inside all that empty space on the left. It is a place begging for encoders or something like that.

  • What no black or frosted? Anything other than just clear?

  • They really need to reduce the stribe prices. The stribe isn't anything revolutionary. Its just eye candy.

  • pricey, but these eyes like what they see. The price should drop soon, hopefully.

  • I've had a two shot of stribes sitting on a shelf for the last 9 months. As of yet I've not seen any apps that make me get excited to use it. Finding the time to dedicate to it to think of something to make app wise is a tough challenge.

  • Don't get me wrong I love the device, just not sure I know what to do it with.

  • i agree that the extra space adds about double the original size. we need some stribe type encoders to fill the gap, or mount the arduino somewhere more space saving

    think of it as a midi device, you can use it for just about anything.

  • "seems like a huge waste of space" "about double the original size" "no black or frosted?" "Its just eye candy"

    Good points!

    The idea is to leave a place for add-on circuits like MIDI, CV, power supply (for many stribe1s), etc. It's supposed to be kit-like and expandable.

    Just eye candy? I suppose so, but I see a lot of potential in this gizmo. Right now it's just base apps and a couple cool examples (such as Scott's Granular demo and Vlad's Scalar app). But we have some cool apps in development that I think will be fun. Remember that the LEDs can be individually addressed, or addressed all at once, e.g. for animation. So anyways, we're working on apps. There's only 2 of us though and we sure could use some help, so if you feels like writing firmware or Max patches get in touch.

    As far as case colors, I have a guy who can do colors. I was thinking maybe orange and white: creamsicle?

  • custom Stribe1 "Duo" with some pots and a joystick:



  • whoops! thanks mapmap for the corrected link

  • Yeah, think of the extra space as an opportunity.

    Throwing one of these in mine.

    If I ever get around to it.