noob:chuck, logic

  • hi all,

    slowly getting my setup going here (256>MacBookPro/LogicXpress), and am working my way thru the monome_base apps. so far so good, but have hit a stumbling block with miniAudicle. i want to try life, but when i input the source code ( and try to add the shred, i get a parse error message, and no action from the 256. i tried the test programs from the miniAudicle tutorial, and they work fine. so i'm stumped.

    also, anyone out there using automat with logic? monome w/ radial (c.74)?

  • hey v,

    for life, make sure you have started the virtual machine before you add the shred. You should see it under the chuck drop down menu.

    I haven't used automat with logic, but I've been using it with digital performer with no problems. Though some patches really tax my system, ibook G4.

  • thanks, jacobian, tried that, but so far no difference.

    slightly OT, but my only issue w/ automat so far (can't believe i'm really complaining about a such an awesome program) is that the delay feedback settings are quite touchy. i.e. i really have to watch them (esp. when using randomiser) or i get an earful of nasty feedback. have you experienced the same?

  • yeah that might be what I've been getting. Sometimes if I set up a patch and start running more than a few notes in flin everything goes to hell. I was interpreting that as my system not being able to handle it, but then again it does sound an awful lot like feedback. All in all though, it sounds great for a free plug in.

  • yes, very nice.

    it'd be cool if certain functions could be 'fixed' i.e. not affected by the randomizer. wonder if that's something for 1.0? speaking of, have you downloaded the test build?

  • Sorry guys, what is automat? Anybody get 40h working with Logic's Ultrabeat? I have seen others on youtube get the 64step pattern to work with software/VSTi's but nothing with Logic yet? Wish I knew how to program, will get there soon!! All you programmers kick ass!!!

  • automat is :

    an awesome synth!