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  • Hey Folks,

    So I've completed my first 128 track in mlr and I'd like to post it. I've been trying to post the .zip of it but have been encountering problems. So I guess I have two questions:

    1. when posting songs as attachements is it just as simple as make a zip and attach? If so, this hasn't been working.


    2. what websites do people use to post their music and let others here know about it.

    Obviously a video would be best and then I could just throw it on vimeo or youtube, but alas I have no video camera.

    Thanks for the help!



    Really simple clean (no ads) uploads and you can name the link whatever you like. Don't bother with Megaupload or any of those other captcha, then wait 45 secs, ad bloated BS sites.

  • Right on. Thanks guys!

  • Actually, for I uploaded an aiff but now when I try to download it says it's a binary file and downloads it as a movie. Am I doing this right.

    And for, I've created an account but how do I upload songs?

    Sorry for what must be super easy questions.


  • usually good idea to .zip files before uploading to servers or convert to .mp3. I'm not sure why it thinks its a binary file...check to make sure you have an extension on the end of the name? .aiff will usually associate with quicktime, is this what you mean by downloads as a movie?
    Also with sometimes it takes a few minutes for the download link to become active. Hope this helps.

  • definitely convert to mp3 first ... makes it easier on everyone. i use switch, its free

  • A decent site for hosting audio is You have to sign-up and start a little profile-type deal, but then you can upload a fair bit of audio (like 250 mb a month?).

    You can direct people to your page or make a little flash player thingy to embed, say, on your blog.

    And if you're slightly crafty, you can copy the direct link to the file and post it.

    Like so:

  • for just create an album and upload songs for the album. :)

  • Righteous folks, thanks for all help. I used switch to convert my 35mb aiff to a 3 mb mp3 and now everything works great on . Thanks again