[update::mlrV] +++new features+++

  • @goiks: Be sure you're running the latest version of Max (5.0.6), that solved a couple of display problems i was having last night.

    Also there's an updated version of mlrV at: http://github.com/enjoi/mlrv/tree/master# that you might want to grab.

    Lots of the new stuff has also been added to the wiki documentation page too: http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=mlr:mlrv

  • just a quick question, and if it has already been asked and answered, i'm very sorry. When saving a song in mlrV, is it possible to save the BPM as well? Is there a way? I find saving in general to be a bit hit and miss sometimes. In the sense that i'll save and when I open up the file again, there is nothing there :/

    Also, when I save, it saves 2 files, what are they both for?

    I've only just started using this a week ago and I am deeply in glove with it! What would make my day is if there could be a page for my 40h that could be dedicated to glitch effects (akin dj64). that would be freakin incedible for me! :)

    Keep it up man!

  • thanks bitbutter.

  • I've been using the original mlr for about a month now. Decided to give this a try and after about 5 minutes of figuring out the interface I'm loving it. I'll be moving to this solely! Thanks

  • I was just wondering how difficult it would be to implement a feature for slice mode that would add a small fade-out of the audio on release to prevent clicks.Or maybe on the group mute since that's what is happening on release. Probably super complicated but thought I would ask since I really love the slice feature but am getting a ton of clicks.

  • @enjoi:

    Here's a list of fonts common to both Windows and Mac:

    I finally bought Max/MSP so I'm currently working on an edit of mlrV that uses "Futura Condensed Medium BT", since this font is freely available for download. Of course in the future I agree it would be better to distribute MLRV with a cross-platform font. If you don't see any fonts on the list above that work well, I think including an open-source font with the distribution is not a bad idea.

    Here is my rough font-edit of MLRV for my fellow users who don't have Futura. A quick internet search for "Futura MdCn BT" should get you the font you need. I might have missed a couple texts but I think I got the basic interface fixed up.

  • ok i finally got around to messing with this and it's pretty damn amazing. using a 64 now, but i should be getting a 128 in the mail tomorrow or the day after.

    is there a way to use both monomes similar to mlr 2.51?

  • hello everybody. just got my 256 and let down my two 40h. Got a strange issue with mlrv :

    when i select the monome size (256), i LOT of channel marked INPUT 1 are appearing (15), and it's quite unusuable on my poor little macbook 13", cause i can't properly select the part of each loop i wanna play with my mouse because my screen is too small to display everything.

    How can i get smaller buttons ? Because when i'm in fullscreen mode, it's still quiet unusuable.

  • Hello,

    I opened a new thread here http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=5295&page=1#Item_1 but maybe I'll have more feedback in this one!

    Thus, anybody knows if it's possible to so save what I change in the top row? And another one: where can I change the sample rate in mlrV?


  • hey.
    a couple notes::
    @alrick:: i know that 15 rows is difficult to work with on a screen w/ only 768 or 800 pixels vertically. there is a need to dynamically change the information font sizes, but it has been on the back burner. maybe, hopefully soon, but i can't promise anything >> the source code is open, so feel free to go nuts by yourself.

    i have only recently discovered how to use [autopattr] but with it's wonderfully simple implementation the saving of top-row functions will certainly be included in the next iteration of mlrV. that being said, i foresee the entire 'global' patch (bottom right corner) being similarly loaded automatically on load.
    as to sample rate, it is currently not able to be changed from within the interface itself. the easiest way is to use the "dac.mxb" patch in the monome_base package which allows you to change ALL of the soundcard settings max has access to.

    there is a new iteration sitting here waiting to be committed to github, but i am having problems with non-44,100 sample-rate audio files due to shifting to the use of [x.groove] instead of [groove~]. i hope to have it ironed very soon.

    the positive is of course that there has been no crash reports using [x.groove~] as yet with both % and I using the patch successfully for a number of performances and countless studio time...

    soon [i will create a new post w/ the next iteration to keep things sequential]

  • all of that is great news. i can't wait to try the new version out. i've given myself a break from all versions of mlr lately. this one will mark a welcome return to it for me.
    thanks for all your hard work.

  • Thanks a lot enjoi for the very fast feedback!
    And also you done a very hard work, thanks for this.

  • Hey guys. I'm really keen to get mlrV working with Live but can't for the life of me get it to sync via ReWire (it seems Eimhim had the same problem?). I can route audio via Rewire into Ableton, but mlrV just won't recognize any tempo information from Ableton. Here's what I've done:
    Opened Live.
    Opened mlrV.
    Selected 'ad_rewire' in mlr.
    Selected 'rewire' as clocksource in MIDI/OSC.
    Hit DAC.
    Hit play in Live.
    Got nothing.

    mlrV will recognise sync via MIDI but there's too much drift for this to be usable. Anyone had this issue? Any ideas?


  • I haven't had any luck with rewire sync, but midi sync
    works just fine (almost no drift - my guitarist would kill me oterwise).

    What I've done is keeping the buffer size fairly low on both sides. You might
    have to use midi sync delay compensation in Live. Try loading the same
    loop in both mlrv and Live and than adjust the delay accordingly.

    Oh, I was having major drift issues until I set sync out
    in Live to "To Max 1" (or something like that, I'm nowhere
    near my computer).

    Mac or pc btw?

    Let me know if this works for you!

  • Thanks plopp. I'm PC. I'll try your suggestions, although ReWire is really what I'm after. The disappointing thing is that I just downloaded the previous version of mlrV and ReWire sync works PERFECTLY! Damn. I'd use that but I really need the top row modification function. Enjoi, is it possible that something funky happened to ReWire sync between these two versions? Getting this working is the final obstacle in my live set.


  • And just like that sync doesn't work for me either. Strange.

  • If I create a set and need to change the order of my "songs" - is that possible?

  • open up the .mlr file and each "song" starts with a number then a comma and its name.
    ie. 0, songname

    so if you want to move the order, grab the whole black for that song (until the next number and comma and song name). and move it to where you won't it and change the number.

  • Sweet! Thanks!