Using Effects with MLR

  • HI guys, im having a blast with MLR cutting up samples and have gotten round to sampling live inputs.......i was wondering how i could use effects as a plug in for MLR ? is this possible?

    i have looked into the pluggo plugins and they look like the kind of 'wild' effects that i fancy getting my teeth into to get some crazy results from the monome....are these the only kind of plugins that work with MLR? or can you even use plugins with MLR?

    any help would be appreciated! thanks


  • rewire it with ableton live, if you own live.

  • there is a version of mlr that you can use vst effects with... i believe its 2.25 or maybe 2.21
    also the mlr3 prerelease can use vst's but its still missing some key features like saving presets.

  • how do you rewire MLR into Ableton?? I haven't dabbled with this yet.

  • aaah i dont have ableton you see, i have the new logic, do you know if the 'mainstage' thing that comes with it would work with mlr?

    also do you know if pluggo would work? as it is a max msp program i assumed there would be a way of routing it through mlr? maybe im wrong though.

    oh i never thought of checking mlr3! ill have a gander


  • >how do you rewire MLR into Ableton?? I haven't dabbled with this yet.
    You should have a look on this thread -->

  • @mrmeoff>>> dwnld soundflower from the cycling 74 website... then in mlr dsp options set audio output to soundflower(2ch), and in ableton set audio input to soundflower(2ch).... arm a track to record in Live and you're good to go. problem is.. that it seriously taxes the cpu on my 1.5ghz G4. all you macbookers should have no problem. i need a new computer.

    @Wjt13>>> until there is an AU version of mlr i do not think it will work with mainstage. however you should be able to route mlr output into Logic via soundflower the same way i described above. and regarding pluggo... what you're saying sounds possible, but i imagine it would require hacking mlr a bit. i'm not the person to answer that question.

  • ok thanks for the answers. cheers devism ill see how soundflower does for me.....hopefully someone out there knows about pluggo and mlr

    for now ill keep the lights blinking!

  • Thanks guys, that's what I ended up doing, but that rewire tutorial is awesome!!!
    Drone thanks for the link!!