Some (very personnal) wishes for MLR V

  • Hi ! I am finally getting deeply in MLR, and having a lot of fun.
    Anyway, I am really annoyed by the fact, that the basic settings don't fit to me.
    Here is what I do every time I open MLR V :

    - Select monome 128, vertical
    - Select 6 groups
    - Set all loops to 8 steps
    - Top row : button 5 = stop group 5 ; button 6 = pattern 1.

    I find it is quite a pain to set up every time, so I thougt it would be easy to modify my version with a [loadbang] to set up as I want. But... I am lost in this patch.
    So, maybe, if someone knows well how to do this special modification, it would be wonderful.
    Or maybe it would be very cool if this settings were saved within the song file. Oh, and I forgot the tempo, too. !

  • +1 for saving such settings within the (song) file.

  • i plan on switching mlrV from the coll method to pattr. this will make saving much better and easier on the patching eyes. its gonna take a while though :/

    in the mean time. here's what you asked for chapelier.

  • OMG, thanks so much, I'll try it after eating and tell you how it works!

  • It is absolutely perfect. Very nice from you, DM.

  • (Damn, it takes me only 13 minutes to eat)

  • Thanks Dovemouse! This is exactly what I was after too!

    Another question though, slightly related. When the vertical 128 option is selected, the 15 input channels overlap each other in the GUI when in fullscreen mode. This is making the channels quite hard to read, let alone edit. Anyone else having this problem?

    My screen res is 1280 x 800, But I'm not getting any love on any other resolutions either (lower res of 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 tested)

    I'm a total MAX newbie, and don't have max 5 at home (yet) so I'm afraid I can't help myself out with this or offer anyone anything at all :(

  • yup, got the same issue here...not sure what can be done about that but i'll have a look.

  • Same thing here for the gui bug, but it is not the end of the world.

  • i'm getting the same gui bug on un-modded versions of mlrV...
    i've made some progress on a mlrV that saves more stuff...
    quick show of hands: who would mind if mlr saved a total of 3 files, the normal .mlr, the .flist and a new .xml for all the new saves.
    its not as elegant but would make it much easier to pull off.
    suggestions would be helpful.
    btw, no problem chapelier fou. any time :)

  • DM! I would love that! (raised hand)

  • coool, ones enough ;)
    you might be lucky and have it by the end of the day.

  • Thanks! now if only the parts for the rest of my arduinome came in today ;)

  • +1 for a better gui for people with a 13" screen and a 256 or a vertical 128 :]

  • I really don't care about the 3 files. That is really good news... I use a monome for 2 years and I am only dicovering MLR really, it's unbelieviable.

  • having more than 1 config file is absolutely ok

  • still working on it. it seems as though the new config is messing with the other ones so the loops aren't being loaded properly...

  • update: turns out i was forgetting to use the "store" button.
    just got to make EVERYTHING save now.
    any specific items you want to save?
    so far i have:
    group: mute, volume, delay and audio i/o
    master: audio i/o, volume and delay
    number of groups (yes! each loop is assigned to the right group even if its 5/6)
    i'll add top row (just got to work out the most efficient way)

    so anything else guys?

  • These are some very good news !
    I'd also like to see :

    Type of monome
    Tempo (very important)
    Pattern lengths

    Good luck and thank you so much for this. It's gonna be a MAJOR improvement.

  • type of monome should be detected automatically...
    yeah tempo is have to click set eerytime you load or something like that. i'll see what i can do.
    pattern lengths i will do now.
    top row is now saving perfectly :D

    pattern lengths - done
    tempo, quantise, microfade - done
    input recorder stuff - done