[Australia] Locally built 40H kits & possibly faceplates made

  • Hey all, I'm new to the boards but have been following the monome for some time. I'm based in Melbourne and I'm looking to gather interested people from Australia and surrounds to order some locally made PCBs, bulk order parts and get some aluminium faceplates made. I've currently got quotes out on getting batches of the boards made and a bunch of places that I'll be chasing to get some aluminium faceplate quotes. If anyone is interested in joining the fray maybe we can get some more Aussie monome building happening.

  • I've done the research and costing for doing a batch of 30 kits, basically the same as the monome ones, but I've sourced local (Australia) parts where possible. I've managed to get a local Melbourne manufacturer to quote on the boards and sourced some of the parts through Jaycar.

    Each kit is likely to cost about $190AU not including postage, but I'm sure national postage won't amount to much. I'm very interested to hear from any Aussies who want to join me in ordering.

  • My concern is not with the kit as such (already have all my bits), it's enclosures that are my issue. machinecollective.org seems to have gone dead...I placed an order but other than the auto-response from the ordering system I can't get a response out of xndr at all.

  • Hey WytRaven, my plan at present with enclosure design is to enlist a CNC machining workshop to produce a batch of aluminium face and base plates and get a group together (as many that are interested) to use a local community woodwork shop to produce the wood frames.

    I don't mind the look of the machinecollective enclosures, but personally as this is an instrument that I'll be using often I want something a little more robust than acrylic. Once I've had a chat to a few CNC workshops and gotten quotes from the local wood workshop (in brunswick, vic) I'll post my discoveries.

  • So are you basing this "local kit" concept around sparkfun buttons (sourced from little bird electronics in Australia)? Because if I was to get on board with you then I would need a face-plate/enclosure based around sparkfun buttons not the smaller monome buttons.

  • hey LBR,
    from melbourne too >> north-east 'burbs
    already the lucky owner of a 256, but would really like to get involved at least w/ the faceplate+enclosure investment
    i'll be interested to hear how it all goes re: finding quotes + suppliers
    and welcome to the growing monome contingent in melb.

  • Still waiting on quotes to return from CNC places. In the meantime I went and had a good look at the PICnome project, which uses parts that are really low-cost here as well as in Japan.


    I'm actually re-thinking my designs to use the sparkfun button pads (thanks for the link to Little Bird WytRaven) and basing the logic board on the PICnome. This should dramatically lower the parts costs. Once I have a final costings based on these components I'll post them up and see who's interested. That will mean that I won't produce an enclosure design for the standard 40H buttons though.

    The enclosure design I'm planning will involve an aluminium faceplate, a steel or aluminium baseplate and comb joint wood frame. I'll post new info as it develops.

  • From what I've heard/seen, I think it is more typical for aussie monomers to have sparkfun button built arduinomes. My 128 uses sparkfun buttons.

    I'd be interested in an aluminium faceplate. There is a group buy for the acrylic machine collective ones, but it's taking ages to sort out.

  • Please post updates when you have final specs/costing; I will probably be interested.


  • Keen for an enclosure depending on cost

  • yeah, mate I'd be keen for the enclosure/faceplate aspect, price depending of course. Im going to be building an arduinome with the spark fun button pads. Im just trying to get a hold of a unsped shield at the moment.

    Im based in Geelong, and travel to Melbourne pretty frequently, so posting wouldn't be an issue.

  • Hey all,
    Sorry for the silence this week, have been buried in work. Have to get some time (maybe on the weekend after I pickup a Harpsichord!) to draw up the CAD files for a couple of the suppliers. They don't want to quote without finished designs so I'll get to that.

    Tomorrow I'll post my illustrations for my rough plans for face/baseplates.

  • hey all - I'd also be interested - seems we're struggling to get the machine collective buy finalised, so happy to look at alternatives, esp if local!

    lowbitrate - one consideration with aluminium is drilling the mounting holes for the pcb - a bunch of us have already bought bibo's 8x8 button PCB's which have a different mounting pattern to using Sparkfun boards. I don't know how they compare to PICnome - but from the pictures, the PICnome 8x8 button pad PCB looks very similar to bibo's. It'd be worth talking about this with the manufacturers.

    I already have one acrylic faceplace for a 40h kit I built - I wouldn't have any concerns about it's durability, so that could still be an option for you if the CNC alu path ends up looking tricky.

  • Hello hello,
    I'm another one that's moving over here from the machine collective group buy. Although, like frogstar, I have bibo's 8x8 PCB/pads.
    If there were faceplates being made which fit a 128 with bibo's 8x8 dealz, I'd love to jump on the bandwagon!

  • Indeed, I'm still keen - especially if they are local jobs. Any word on this would be fantastic.

  • Any word on this? I can draw up drawings if need be. (email in my profile)

    I'm at the stage where I can't really use my 'nome due to the lack of a face plate... I'm eager for a faceplate of some desciption, but i'm waiting aroud as it makes sense to split the manufactur costs if others are in the same boat...

  • @chromoose - I still haven't even assembled mine, but faceplate is the missing component that will get me soldering.

    Last time I looked at local laser cutting / cnc, it needed about 5 people to make the setup costs reasonable (if i recall, setup was about $120 - individual acrylic plates were only $10 or on top of the setup). I think there are already pdf's floating about for bibo pcb's - certainly there are for 8x8 - and I think 16x8 is around as well.

    The trick is for a different sized faceplate, the set up costs would kick in again.

    So: if there's at least 4 or 5 of us who want 8x16 faceplates for bibo PCB's, AND we have a design we're confident will work, then I'd be happy to look for some quotes.

    If we can't hit that number (e.g. some want 8x8's etc), then we may in fact be better off trying to rouse XNDR from machinecollective - what we'd pay in shipping would end up being the same as, or possibly less than, local setup costs.

  • @moose

    Are our PCB's the same size for a faceplate, or is there variation between the 4x4s and 8x8s?

    I'm still VERY MUCH in for an 8x16. Can't wait to be able to jam properly without the monome slipping off my dodgy makeshift stand...

  • @dougw

    afaik the size is the same, but bibo 8x8 pcb's have a different mounting hole pattern, so the way that the faceplates get drilled needs to be different.

    For acyrlic faceplates, depending on the manufacture process, I figure the mounting holes could be left out and then it would be up to the individual to attach their pcb's as necessary, but you'd really want to have a drill press or something like that to be sure of being accurate, so I'd really prefer to get a pre-drilled faceplate to suit a 16x8 bibo setup.

    Can we get a show of hands here so that we know how many people there are for which category? here's a summary of what I've gleaned - please correct or complete....

    frogstar: bibo 8x16
    chromoose: bibo 8x16
    dougw: bibo 8x16
    lowbitrate: PICnome - very similar to bibo PCB?????
    danstork: bibo?
    bensaddiction: ?
    wytRaven: ?

  • Well I was just after an 8x8 sparkfun job. So if that's going to throw a massive spanner in the works then maybe its better for me to skip this one.

    But if it was a Acrylic 8x16 faceplate that you guys were purchasing, then hell, I'd just cut it with whatever - a dremel, fine toothed coping saw, whatever, and mod it till it fits my sparkfun setup. Shit, I'd have a go cutting a metal one somehow, even if that did mean having to travel interstate to visit my parents to use the old mans equipment.

    In terms of the Drill paterns etc, If everybody here is trying to get them cheap, then to reduce that 'setup' fees mentioned above...

    ...perhaps if we just got faceplates manufactured with NO holes at all. Then if somebody has access to a drill press of some description, then that person could drill the holes for everybody afterwards depending on what they were after - and then have them mailed out.

    That would be the best way to keep the price down/ make a product that would appeal to the most people. It would no doubt make things cheaper for all. But, I personally don't have a press, only the above mentioned dremel clone.

  • Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post here and I am keen to get a kit with you guys if a group buy goes through.

    So long as the price doesn't get much more than lowbitrate's estimate of $190AU.
    Also hopefully there will be some detailed build instructions I can work from aswell.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread anyway.

  • Hi,

    I may be interested in a 64 button faceplate for the sparkfun type.

  • actually scratch that - count me in for an 8x16 enclosure - b/c even though im only building an 8x8 (at least when littlebirdelcronics hurray up and get the button pads etc back in stock) I'll be down to add an extra 64 little buttons to my arduinome - this time with a bibo pcb & one of those cheaper & tiny arduinos

    bc 16 steps or two separate monomes will come in handy in the long run

    Is there anything more on this?

  • I'm located in Melbourne and just ordered my kit so I'm in for a faceplate + enclosure group buy if this thread is still alive!

  • I'm in Sydney. Where do you plan on getting your shields?

  • Im in Auckland, sort of counts as Aus doesn't it, just dont tell any other kiwi's i said that. Im really interested in getting an 8x8. how are the quotes going?
    if this is going ahead what sort of time frame are we talking about for getting this started?