• I have been waiting and saving for this for months and I didn't make it in time! Looks like I will have to build one myself. Can anyone give me any details of the hardware, ICs, that they may know? Looks like I saw an FTDI usb/serial converter on there. And I am guessing the muC is an Atmega? I will keep my results and build process private out of respect, of course.

  • sorry to hear about your misfortune. everything you need to build your own (aside from pcbs and buttons) is listed on the kit page:

  • (scroll to bottom)

  • the buttons are custom made... everything else is pretty easy to source. The PCB files for the buttons and controller should be on one of those pages along with a parts list.

    you can source the sparkfun buttons, but they aren't quite as nice as the monome ones... and you'll have to use their PCB... but they do have tri color leds. You can ask tehn (brian) if he has any extra buttons so you don't have to use the sparkfun ones.. .

    or you can just wait for the 4x4 kit, which comes out pretty soon I think... and piece together whatever shape of monome you want.