video! ... edison live last night


    little tough to see ... but you'll get the gist...
    shit was super fun....!
    big ups to schlingidy!
    great to meet you hoss.... and thanks for sticking it through till the end....
    if you caught any video... throw it up here!
    hope everyone is well.. and keep pushing buttons....
    holler! and sting!

  • f-in awesome!

  • Very cool, and awesome lights!

  • Nice, I really have to finish my WTPA, how do you find it? Getting a lot of use from it?

  • very nice!

  • thanks ya'll!
    the WTPA is amazing!
    i just use it for noise.... or an extra layer of stuff...
    you can tweak the clock times while recording and the half speed and reverse as well...
    makes for some pretty outlandish 8 bit noise...
    amazing stuff!

  • brilliant as ever.
    just curious as to what you use/do to get that tasty granular time stretch effect?

  • dude...i'm so pissed i was two blocks away and didn't realize it.

  • damn.

    them's some stingy stings.

    drums sounding MEAN CLEAN!

    the guy at the end... "awwww yeeeahhhHH!". hahahah yes.

  • yo!
    thanks homies
    @ dove...
    i think its either grain delay..... or its fragments of the WTPA sampler...
    @ ray...
    its all gravy hoss!
    i think i told you the wrong dates man...
    my bad!
    good chillin though