mlr pattern record module?

  • really digging mlr, but I haven't yet figured out the pattern recrord module... actually I have no idea even where this function is at on the interface or what buttons to push on the 128.... watched tehns video n' such....

    hows tehn getting his button presses to repeat?

  • what MLR are you using
    Cuz I still use 2.25 (microfades)
    because i dont have a damn clue how to set up MLR 3s stuff

  • shoot this is a good idea for a new tut vid. ill work on it, well for the 40h...but it should be tha same concept for 128/256. there is two banks that can be recorded too, should be the one of the last four on the top right

  • If your using 2.27 you want to hit the 5th or 6th button on the top row, in whatever orientation your using. That will get the recorder ready, then rock out whatever pattern you want and after the desired length, be it 8,9,10, etc... it will start flashing which indicates its playing through the loop. Takes a little getting used to. Explore and have fun.

  • jacobian: that did it, thanks. I was rather suprised that this functionality didn't just lend itself by looking at the gui. I kept looking down at that recorder on the bottom right that seems to be some sort of loop resampler and thinking that it had to be something with that but I couldn't get it to record key presses.